Dance is a Rigorous Elective

Ms. Tome’s advanced dance class.

Ms. Tome, our dance teacher, has taught here for sixteen years. She began studying dance when she was three. She continued studying at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts, and then studied at Southern Methodist University. She is a great teacher and an inspiring dancer.

A typical week for a dance student at Palm Springs look like this: On Mondays, students work in a workbook, learning the language and history of dance, and the different poses. Tuesday is the day for ballet. Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy during the 1500’s. The word ballet comes from the Italian word ballare, meaning to dance. It is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements. Our dancers practice at the barre, and they learn the French terminology of ballet. Wednesday is the day for modern dance, an expressive style of dancing which began in the early 20th century.Thursday the dancers practice jazz, and African American inspired dance of the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. On Friday we experiment with our own choreography and work on it, but if we don’t have an assigned dance we stretch or practice other things from modern and jazz.

Dance may look easy and natural, but it’s actually a great workout! ~ Sabrina W. and Jenea D.

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