Academic Games

This year Palm Springs Academic Games team competed in three games in Social Studies, Presidents, Current Events, and the Theme round which was Greek and Roman Mythology.  Practices started at the end of December and continued through January and into February.  Students competed on the last four Tuesdays, ending yesterday February 6th.  They finished 5th place in the district among twenty middle schools that competed, with a very strong finish by Lourdes R. in the Mythology Theme round! Mr. Mancusi and Palm Springs is so proud of the entire team, everyone played great this season.  Competition was tough! Mr. Mancusi says, “I was amazed at how much students knew about Mythology and how excited they were about that particular topic. We had a lot of fun this season, learning about a variety of things!  I’m going to miss the 8th graders; they’ve been a solid group now for two years!”   Academic is also played in Math and Language Arts— talk to your teacher about getting involved. ~ Elizabeth A.

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