Do the Write Thing Challenge Winners

Do the Write Thing is a yearly writing challenge for middle school students that asks them to think about how violence impacts their lives or their friend’s lives. The challenge helps them understand that violence isn’t needed in life, and it also teaches them that when they see violence happening around them, they have to take action and help. Schools all around the nation take part in the challenge, and two students with top entries from each county are invited to Washington, D.C. as guests of the Kuwaiti government. Palm Springs Middle School top ten students will be invited to a luncheon at the Kravis center in May, and they are: from Ms. Costello’s class Shelby A., Shiyanna M., Shayla Z.; from Mr. Gosa’s class Paola C., and Harlin O.; from Mr. Coppola’s class Kimberly C.; from Mr. Gage’s class Cassandra P.; from Ms. Jarzabkowski’s class Maria M. and Makayla T.; and from Ms. Sterling’s class Jhonny M. Congratulations to all the students who participated. Briana D.

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