NJHS Chose “Forgotten Soldiers” as this Year’s Charity

The Palm Springs Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society sponsors a fundraiser each year during the second half of the month of October called, “How Batty is Your Teacher?”  It has become somewhat of a tradition, not to mention a cut-throat competition among certain teachers.  NJHS students sell paper bats during each of the 6 lunches.  Students purchase bats at $0.25 each or 5 for $1.00 & give those bats to their “battiest” teacher to be displayed in their classrooms.  Some teacher’s walls are completely covered in bats!  The bat totals are recorded each day and on Oct 31st, Halloween, the winning teacher is announced.  The winning teacher gets three things:

  1. The title of “Battiest” Teacher for 1 year.
  2. Possession of the “Battiest” Teacher trophy (…which is an artificial pumpkin with their title engraved in it and prized by all!)
  3. Bragging rights!

Traditionally, National Junior Honor Society has donated toys to St Mary’s Children’s Hospital, but this year students wanted to do something a little different.  Our NJHS President, Grace Cirillo, discovered The Forgotten Soldier Outreach Program and persuaded the members and myself, the adviser, that this was an organization worthy of our support.  With very little guidance Grace set everything up.  We are proud to donate a check for $225 and $100 in needed supplies.  We are also excited about helping out and volunteering some of our time to learning how to properly pack boxes going overseas to soldiers.

As a passionate social studies teacher, I am very pleased with their decision to support “The Forgotten Soldiers”.  I believe that there is nothing more important than supporting the very means by which we all remain free!  It is equally important for us all to be aware of the sacrifices that our military personnel make on a daily basis, the loneliness they must endure, and the simple reminders of home that they long for.  We are happy to show our appreciation in this way, by sending them that little reminder of home and by simply letting them know that they are not forgotten!

You can get more information about the program at www.forgottensoldiers.org

Thank you,

Kevin Mancusi

Proud Adviser of PSMS National Junior Honor Society

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