Teen Motivational Speaker Brooks Gibbs Visited Palm Springs

Brooks Gibbs is a motivational speaker who has traveled to seven different countries on his tour, “LIVE, LOVE, MOVE,” partnering with the band One Direction to talk to kids about bullying. He came to our school on January 28th to talk about bullying and the effect it has on kids and how to handle being bullied. He was very entertaining, and didn’t hold back on making the students laugh. He even showed us a video he produced in collaboration with One Direction to share the band member’s opinions and experiences with bullying. The member gave advice to teens who are experiencing bullying. Brooks’s message to kids is that love is greater than hate.

Check out his book, Love Is Greater Than Hate, or visit his website: www.BrooksGibbs.com, or follow him on Instagram @brooksgibbs. You can view his video with One Direction here: http://youtu.be/0tSr7rLVNfA Savannah L.

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