How Batty is Your Teacher?

National Junior Honor Society is starting their yearly Halloween fundraiser, “How Batty Is Your Teacher?” You might have noticed some strange looking pumpkins hanging in your teachers’ rooms. You can call them “Bat Collectors” Starting Tuesday, October 18th NJHS members will be in the cafeteria selling bats. Which ever teacher receives the most bats will have 50 dollars donated to their department, for example: drama, social studies, clubs, et cetera. So go ahead and buy your favorite teachers some bats. It’s a dollar for 5 bats or a quarter each. All money goes towards Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots is a program where selected members of NJHS go to Saint Mary’s hospital and give ill children Christmas presents. Mr.Coppola is said to be The Bat King, “I can’t remember a year he hasn’t won,” says Ms. Costello. Let’s try to take that crown off of his head this year!  Erika P.

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