Hispanic Heritage Celebration was Great Fun!

There are over 30 million Hispanics who call the United States home. Surely, Hispanics have done many things to improve our country, and to acknowledge their contributions, the U.S dedicated a whole month to celebrate Hispanics starting on September 15th  and ending on October 15th . Palm Springs celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month last Friday, and let me tell you this: It was a lot of fun!

Students brought food that reflected  their culture, for example: arroz con frijoles, tacos, empanadas, pie, et cetera, so it was very diverse. I bet many students learned something about other cultures by the end of the day. Hispanic music was played in the classes; students enjoyed Prince Royce, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, and many others. Even  some of the teachers, danced! After the day was over, I heard some of my classmates still talking about how fun the day was, and I have to agree!

Hispanic Heritage may be over for this year in Palm Springs Middle, but the spirit and pride of Hispanic culture will never fade.      

Angelica P.

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