Kit Kat is a Halloween Favorite!

Journalism I created a poll to see which Halloween candy students like most.

In first place was Kit Kat. I think most students like Kit Kat because it’s layered and when you bite into it, all you hear is CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Also you can share it very easily and they have all sizes! So if you have friend who wants some of your Kit Kat you can just break and share!

In second place was Skittles. They are all different colors and flavors. Its like an EXPLOSION in your mouth because the different colors go everywhere and the next thing you know your mouth is a rainbow!

But that’s not it, we also have a third place winner, SOUR PUNCH! Sour. Sweet. BOOM it’s GONE! If you’re trying to make someone laugh, you should eat a sour punch because they are so sour that your head MIGHT burst!

Sadly we had a loser, too. In twenty-fourth place was Payday. A lot of people are allergic to peanuts, so those people didn’t vote for Payday. Also their juicy (so they say its juicy) caramel is not very soft. A mixture between hard peanuts and hard caramel it is so hard to bite into. So there is nothing exciting about a Payday bar!

Selena D.

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