Ms. Simpson’s Classes Celebrate Constitution Day By Creating Their Own Preamble

Ms. Simpson’s classes created their own Preambles on Constitution Day, outlining goals to increase learning and promote fairness in their classes. One student commented that it was “a logical way to all of us to agree upon how the class is run and what everyone can expect.”


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PSCMS Candy Sale Fund Raiser Has Begun

Mr. K. Mancusi’s first hour class helped to unload a semi-truck full of chocolate this week to kick-off our annual “World’ Finest Chocolate” fundraiser. Last year we raised over $12,000 that was put into the students’ account to purchase things for students, like Honor Roll shirts and pizza parties. Thanks to Mr. K. Mancusi and the Social Studies department for organizing this event. Haley W.


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Mr. Williams Shares His Pride Tickets

In Mr. Williams’s class, students received pride tickets for doing the right thing. Pride tickets are rewarded for perfect attendance for two whole weeks, and  for showing respect, and stingray pride. Students put the pride tickets in the box for drawings at lunch. Then forty five students’ tickets were pulled from the box and those students will receive a pizza party from Little Caesars. Taylor C.

Pride Tickets

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Lady Rays Softballl Starts the Season Strong

The Lady Rays defeated L.C. Swain School Friday 15 – 0 with pitchers Elizabeth R. and Tatiana D.  They set their record to 1-0.

Hitting singles for the Lady Rays were:  Yesinia R.(2), Madison D., Tatiana D., Elizabeth R., Kadeisha D., Diana S.(2), and Caitlyn K.

Hitting doubles for the Lady Rays were: Kadeisha D. and Caitlyn K.

Hitting a home run for the Lady Rays was Elizabeth R.

The Lady Rays next game is Tuesday September 16, at 4:30 at Lake Worth Middle.  Come out and support the Lady Rays.

Way to start the season, Coach Liliestedt!


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Girl Up Club Comes to PSCMS

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Nail Painting Club Meets Mondays After School

If you’re interested in a fun time getting and giving a manicure, meet after school in Ms. Simone’s room on Mondays for Nail Painting Club. It’s a great way to socialize with friends, and Ms. Simone and Ms. Pritt are most welcoming. Check it out!nailclub

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PSCMS 6th Graders Show Thanks to Firefighter on September 11th

Ms. Hartman delivered thank-you cards to Palm Springs firefighters yesterday in honor of September 11th and the firefighters who were an integral part of the tragic events. Sixth grade students handmade cards of appreciation which were gratefully accepted.


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Equations Academic Games Practice Has Begun


Mr. Dowling is leading the Equations Academic Game team to a great start. Academic Games is a collection of games: Equations, Linguistics, and Presidents and Current Events, that takes place all throughout the school year. Equations is a math game in which players make equations out of numbers and symbols cubes. Tournaments take place every Tuesday afternoon. See Mr. Dowling in room 1-206 for more information. Good luck team Equations! Laura D.

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Ms. Magill’s Science Classes Conduct IQWST Lab

This week Ms. Magill class conducted a IQWST lab, based on forces in motion. The students experimented with four devices and described the forces involved. Then they explained how it worked. The students experimented with magnets, a toy car powered by a fan, and a balloon filled with oxygen taped to a rope. Raymond V. Jonathan N. Fotor0904153214

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School Starts August 18th – Welcome Back

Palm Springs welcomed the new 6th grade students today at New Student Orientation. Students met Ms. Hollander and Ms. Hartman, the 6th Grade Assistant Principal and Guidance Counselor, who introduced the students and parents to the RAY way. They also met Ms. Jinks and Mr. Roman, who welcomed them as well. After orientation, the parents made a dash to the school store, ably overseen by Ms. Jesse who kept order in the chaos.


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