Hold the Date for the Spring Fling

PSCMS is hosting a Spring Fling this Saturday from 11:00 to 5:00. Bring the family and get lunch from the food trucks and vendors, view performances from Storm Band and Concert Band, Dance, and Orchestra. See Mr. Harmon to purchase a square for street-painting, and enjoy cotton candy and popcorn. We’re looking forward to a full-filled day – see you there!

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Congratulations to Shiyanna M. – She’s Going to the Junior Olympics!

Shiyanna participated in the Nike Mideast Qualifier Volleyball tournament in Saint Louis Missouri over the break and won a bid in the 14 USA division to attend the National Championship held in New Orleans this summer. Way to go, Shiyanna!Shivolley1

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Vote For Shayla!

Shayla Z. submitted an original video to a contest sponsored by ProjectEd, highlighting the dangers of wearing high-heeled shoes. Please check it out and vote for her!


shayla (2)

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Tonight’s the Show – Take a Sneak Peek

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6th Graders Disscected Lampreys in Science Class

Sea Lampreys are parasitic fishes that leech onto other fishes and suck their blood. Lampreys do not have stomachs, so they live only on blood because it does not have to be digested. Lampreys are S-swimmers, and they move in the water like a snake until they find a host fish and use their many rows of teeth to latch on. . The students were disgusted at first, but then they were very interested and even took part in the dissection process. Enjoy the movie created by Maggie B. and Helen G.~ Destiny G. 

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Palm Springs Bands Come Home with Straight Superiors!

IMG_4331I can’t tell you how proud I am of both bands.  Wow, what performances.  The Symphonic Band and I listened to the Concert Band’s performance and I’m so happy to tell you they were great.  They were one of the larger bands and they had such a nice controlled sound with great dynamic control.  Mr. Bermudez has done a tremendous job getting the concert band to play at that high level and is to be commended for a job well done.

As for the Symphonic Band, they sounded like seasoned professionals.  They looked great on stage as also did the concert band.  From the looks of the grade of music that was performed at the central location, our Symphonic Band played the highest level by performing a march and two grade 3 pieces while other bands were playing a Grade 2 and a Grade 3.  Our band received straight superior ratings while playing challenging music that is actually being played by some of the high schools in Palm Beach County.  We are continuing the fine tradition of the Palm Springs Middle School Band Program. Thanks for your great support. ~ Mr. Friedman


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Shayla Z. Has a Message for You

Eighth-grader Shayla Z. filmed a PSA for a national contest sponsored by ProjectEd, warning about the dangers of wearing high heeled shoes. Check it out here:

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St. Valentine’s Day Was a Sweet Time

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Buy Your Yearbook Now

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Have You Said “Thanks” to Ms. Jesse Recently


You might not know this, but Ms. Jesse is single-handedly responsible for the testing lab schedule! At a moment’s notice, she may be called upon to juggle classes around or troubleshoot a computer cart crisis. If you haven’t shown your appreciation, you might want to say thanks for a job well done.

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