PSCMS Students Shared Breakfast with Their Fathers!

Students got to share breakfast with their fathers today – take a look!

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Egg Drop Challenge

Andrea D. and Denae D. hold their winning contraption

Andrea D. and Denae D. hold their winning contraption

Thursday in Ms. Magill’s class we conducted a STEM challenge. Earlier in the week, we researched our project and came up with a hypotheses before building our egg droppers. Finally, we set up our egg drop experiment. We built contraptions and put an egg inside. Then we went upstairs to the balcony and dropped our contraptions on to plastic wrap—so that we wouldn’t leave behind debris. And the winners were determined by unbroken eggs! About half of the contraption built saved the eggs! ~ Matthew R.

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STEM Day Was a Success

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AVID Participates in Community Service

img_6464AVID classes participated in community service today, making pillow cases for youths residing at Homesafe.

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a high school and college readiness course. Our AVID teachers are Ms. Abreu, Ms. Sterling, and Ms. Bezio.


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Boys Baseball is Having a Stellar Season

img_9813Palm Springs Middle can sleep well tonight. A new force has risen in the ranks of the division and Lantana attempted to take control of our sacred land.
Fireballer Nick D. once again blew away Lantana 4 to 0. Ramsley E. finished the game for his first official save. Kyle H. and Kevin M. had big hits. Sixth-grader David U. had two hits; this kid can swing it, may want to get an autograph while you can!
We’re back in first place:  Next game at Lake Worth Middle on Monday. ~Coach Hill
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STEM Education Comes to PSCMS


The STEM initiative has come to Palm Springs Middle School. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, and it is a nation-wide program that recognizes the need for strong science-based studies to prepare students for jobs in the future. PSCMS is a pilot school for STEM education, and half-days throughout the year will be devoted to STEM activities. Last week’s activities included building geodesic domes using rolled paper, testing ph  and acid levels, creating art using recycled materials, composing musical tunes to mimic the sounds of nature, and writing Haiku. Attendance was high as students looked forward to a fun day of learning!

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Boys to Men Empowerment


Mr. Lafortune started the B2ME club because over the summer he noticed much of the population of young boys were failing the 3rd grade, which often results in them dropping out of high school. He also read about the enormous amount of police activity involving African-American boys and men. Mr. Lafortune was inspired by several people, like Barack Obama, who started a program called “My Brothers Keeper” which helps young men stay on track, and  a principal in New Jersey who turned his school around, so he could help boys.

Mr. Lafortune talks to us about life problems and helps us learn to grow up to be a man of honor and to make a positive impact on a lot of people.

B2ME welcomed a guest speaker this week, Attorney Edrick Barnes, who spoke to the boys about his education and the direction that led him to law school and his successes.

B2ME inspires boys to believe in themselves, so that they can do better, and they can complete their goals and dreams. ~ Brandon S.

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We are Planting a Garden!


Palm Springs Middle School is creating a brand new garden to be showcased in the courtyard. The purpose of the garden is to help fulfill the requirements for our school to become a STEM pilot school. Palm Springs is devoting half days for projects which will develop a STEM culture in our school. The STEM projects will help students reinforce real world science applications.  The garden will also focus on water conservation. By developing a STEM culture, Palm Springs Middle School is hoping to prepare students for the future and integrated careers in the sciences. Anabella S.



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Science Classes Experiment with Hurricanes Force Winds

Watch out little scientist! You’re about to be blown into the project of STEM! Ms. Grove’s class conducted an outstanding experiment to represent how well a building can stand up to the challenge of hurricane force two and three winds. They constructed buildings using only craft sticks, foil, glue, tape, straws, spaghetti noodles, and construction paper!  Each week the students will complete an engineering construction project as part of an ongoing STEM initiative. Desting G. and Roxana S.stem

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Read on Your Devices all Summer Long!

Palm Beach County School District has purchased access to a new online library service for all Palm Beach County School District students, so that students can enjoy reading all summer long. To access the online library, students must go the district website and log in using their personal account and password. The student username is the letter  ‘s’ followed by the student number, and the password is the last four numbers of the student number followed by capitalized first and last initials, and the year the student was born. For example John Smith was born in 2001, so his username is  s12345678, and his password is 5678JS01.  Once you are signed in to the district website, look for My Tiles and then search for MackinVia. Choose Palm Springs Middle School and sign in. There are some great books and series available to check out and read online, and the  district will be offering incentives for readers. If you are not sure how to log in, ask a teacher for computer access to sign up and get started on your summer reading. If you are in 8th grade and headed to high school next year, your access will switch to your high school sometime in the summer, so if you have trouble logging in using PSMS, try logging in to your high school access. Welcome to 9th grade!mackinvia


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