Palm Springs is Recycling with a Vengeance!

Led by an exuberant and enthusiastic Ms. Faust, the Green Rays are cleaning up campus with their recycling initiatives. Classrooms have co-mingle containers for bottles and glass and bins for paper. Green Rays have also installed a bin to collect textiles which are sold by the pound, and the money returns to campus. Below is a picture of Ms. Casucci’s class beaming with pride as they enjoy popsicle rewards for their recycling efforts! Way to go, Green Rays!

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The Undefeated Lady Rays are Enjoying a Stellar Season!

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Academic Games

This year Palm Springs Academic Games team competed in three games in Social Studies, Presidents, Current Events, and the Theme round which was Greek and Roman Mythology.  Practices started at the end of December and continued through January and into February.  Students competed on the last four Tuesdays, ending yesterday February 6th.  They finished 5th place in the district among twenty middle schools that competed, with a very strong finish by Lourdes R. in the Mythology Theme round! Mr. Mancusi and Palm Springs is so proud of the entire team, everyone played great this season.  Competition was tough! Mr. Mancusi says, “I was amazed at how much students knew about Mythology and how excited they were about that particular topic. We had a lot of fun this season, learning about a variety of things!  I’m going to miss the 8th graders; they’ve been a solid group now for two years!”   Academic is also played in Math and Language Arts— talk to your teacher about getting involved. ~ Elizabeth A.

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Ms. Turner’s Language Arts Classes Are Enjoying Reading The Giver

For the past couple weeks, in Ms. Turner’s Language Arts Classes, students have been reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. The novel is about a boy named Jonas who has been selected to be the next Receiver of Memory in his community, which will lead him to  experience pain he has never felt before. In Jonas’s town there are many rules and restrictions, and he is given instructions to guide him in his new role. His community is based on a fair value system that makes no one greater than anyone else, but Jonas soon finds out there are things going on that the community does not know about. This book is in the genre of Science Fiction and is considered to be post-apocalyptic. The community strives to be an utopic community, but it is actually a dystopic community.

As a student I feel that this book makes you think about whether you would want to live in a world that is safe where you have no freedom to make your own choices and decisions, or a world that is unsafe, but you have the freedom to make your own decisions. This book makes you really understand what it would be like to live in a completely different community. You realize all of the freedoms you have and they do not. This book can make students think outside of the world they know and think of their daily lives, which would be very different, because of all of the different rules of the community. ~ Elizabeth A.

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Palm Springs Boys Basketball Team

Palm Springs has announced the 2017-2018 boys basketball team, and they are Staviss B., Angel O., Alberto C., Nicolas T., Preston M., Jailin C., Patrick M., Brayser M., Terrence J., Anderson F., Carlos H., Adrian P., and Zadarius R.. Ms. Knight is the incredible coach of this thirteen player team.

Ms. Knight began playing basketball when she was nine years old. This is her first year being the head coach for Palm Springs; last year she was the assistant coach. She also coaches the girls basketball team at Wellington High School, and they are ranked as one of the top twenty teams in the state. To keep busy, Ms. Knight coaches the 8th Grade Wellington Wolves girls travel team.  Ms. Knight’s goals for the Palm Springs team this year is for the boys to have fun, learn how to work together, and to work hard and develop good habits. She is not sure when their first game is, but the Palm Springs supporters know the team will work hard to win! ~ Elizabeth A.


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Ms. Egan’s Papier-Mâché Projects

In November all of Ms. Egan’s 6th Grade Art students made papier-mâché animals to enter in competition at the South Florida Fair. Ms. Egan selected eight of the best creations and submitted them to the South Florida Fair, and all eight students placed! Karla R. received 1st Place. Second Place winners are Yaxiy A., Mary V., Isabella G., and  Natalie B.. Third Place winners include Emiliano V., Cynthia M., and Nicole P.. Congratulations to Ms. Egan and her talented Art students! ~ Elizabeth A.

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AVID—College Bound Readiness!

Advancement Via Individual Determination or AVID is an elective that prepares students for success in the 21st Century. AVID’s mission is to “close the achievement gap by preparing all students for success in a global society,” says Ms. Bezio, one of the AVID teachers, along with Ms. Corners, Ms. Lucas, and Ms. Johnson. AVID’s goal is to ensure that all students are ready for a fast-paced world. As a college readiness program, AVID teaches students the necessary skills to not only get into a college but to become accomplished college graduates. In AVID students have a great time learning how to collaborate in tutorials where students help one another work through points of confusion. Students also work on time management and organization, utilizing the AVID binder, and they perfect their note-taking skills by taking Cornell Notes in all of their classes; the strategies an AVID student learns can be applied across the curriculum and set a foundation of good study habits that will support further educational endeavors. AVID students are also exposed to interesting careers by welcoming guest speakers and going on lots of field trips each year to visit colleges and universities. ~ Rachel K.


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Great Things Are Happening for Music Students at PSCMS!

The symphonic and concert band students performed in different ensembles at the District 14 Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment. There were Brass Choirs, Woodwind Choirs, Clarinet Choir, Saxophone Quartets, Trumpet Quartets. Trombone Quartets, Brass Quartets, Flute Trio, Trumpet Trio and French Horn Quartet. The students performing ensembles performed at John I. Leonard High School on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 2nd and 3rd in front of well-trained judges.  All students who performed received superior ratings for the wonderful performances. These ratings are music to our ears! Good Job all band students who played! ~ Mr. Bermudez

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NJHS Induction Ceremony

On November 30th Mr. Bermudez held the induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society, NJHS. The officers lit candles to represent scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Second year members of NJHS received a badge, and first year members received certificates. To qualify for this prestigious club, students must be either in 7th or 8th grade and have a GPA of 3.75 or higher. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the NJHS.

This year the JNHS will sponsor several activities, like selling Valentine’s Day carnations, participating in a beach cleanup, and launching a school beautification campaign. On February 8th, NJHS will visit Forgotten Soldiers to help pack care packages for American service men serving overseas. The NJHS is a service club that sets a foundation for a life time of responsible citizenry.

The President for the NJHS is Meghan P.; the Vice-President is Jennifer P.; the Secretary is Nataly R.; the Treasurer is Flavie A., and the Historian is Daniel R.. Palm Springs looks forward to a year of academic leadership from our new and returning NJHS members, led by Mr. Bermudez. ~ Elizabeth A.

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The Candidates Have Something to Say – Take a Look!

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