Orchestra Students are on their way to Disney!

Ms. Hoffman and her Orchestra students are on their way to Disney to work in a professional studio to record a song to accompany a Disney movie! Break a leg!


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Ms. Cichewicz Would Like to Invite You to the Talent Show

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Students Were Honored as Do the Write Thing Ambassadors

Ten PSCMS students were honored as Do the Write Thing Ambassadors for their essays exploring the causes of violence and what can be done about it. They were treated to lunch and a program at the Kravis center that included a magic act, a visit from the Harlem Globe Trotters, and an original dance interpretation of some of the students’ writings. Do the Write Thing is a national campaign to combat youth violence and is sponsored locally by Florida Crystals and Bill Bone, Esquire. Take a look at the highlights in Laura D’s movie below.

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NJHS Cleans Up at the Beach

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Congratulations to Palm Springs’s Science Masters

sci onePicMonkey CollageSix Palm Springs teachers Mr. Dowling, Ms. Dewitt, Mr. Williams, Ms. Iansiti, Mr. Monroe, and Ms. Rayman, graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida last weekend. Their study was part of a grant program funded by the National Science Foundation.  Way to go Science teachers! Karla D.

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Palm Springs Hosted 2015 Palm Beach County Middle School Poetry Competition

poetry collage

Palm Springs Middle School hosted the 2015 Palm Beach County Middle School Poetry Competition on Saturday, and several of our students were honored with top prizes. This year’s cover design was by Sabrina Roche, and the bookmark was designed by Reina Rodriguez, both Ms. Yorston’s art students. Winning poets include Isabella M., Matthew H., Anthony J., Ana C., and Mari G., all students of Ms. Costello. Carina N., Shatashre D., and Alexandra W. also had their original poems published. Over twenty middle schools in the county participated in the competition, and most students, along with their teachers, attended Saturday’s event to received a copy of the poetry anthology and enjoy the accomplishment of becoming a published poet. Guest judges Anastasia Clark, Poet-in-Residence for Broward County, and David Axelrod, esteemed poet and author from Daytona, were in attendance, giving out awards to more than 150 Palm Beach County middle school students.  A copy of this years anthology is on display in the library. Congratulations to our poets!

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The Lady Rays Teachers have a Message for their Opponents!



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Mrs. Crown’s Algebra Classes Learn by Asking Questions

FotorCreatedMs. Crown’s algebra classes conducted an experiment last week called the Stroop Effect.  Her classes were divided into groups, and each group member tested each other on their knowledge of mathematical figures. Each group was given a slip of paper with different shapes on it. Each shape had a word written in it that was not its particular shape. For example, a pentagon would have the word triangle or square written in it. The students had to say the word without confusing it with the shape it was written on. As the students went down the list reading the shapes, they were timed. Before reading the mixed up shapes, they were given a sheet of paper that had shapes with their corresponding name written on top. They were to read the shapes on the paper. The time recorded for both trials was written on a spread sheet. After all of the data was collected, it was compared to all of the other classes. A data comparison of male and female students was also conducted. Sophia D.

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Ms. Simpson’s Class Reviews for the EOC

Ms. Simpson’s class is reviewing for the Civics EOC in a fun and creative way! Students review and re-teach the class important topics and lessons in preparation for the test. Take a look.

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Mrs. Crown is FSA Certain!

crown“I predict all of these hard working students are going to all score
5’s on the Algebra EOC!”

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