How’s your summer reading going?

So how’s your summer reading going? I’m a little behind where I thought I’d be… I’m only on 20 so far and as of today we have had 23 days of summer vacation. I’m not discouraged though because I’ve been reading some really great books. If you like chapter books, you should totally look for this one, called “Circus Mirandus”. It’s about a boy named Micah who lives with his grandfather. His grandfather is really sick and actually, it doesn’t look good. However, the grandfather seems to think that there is a chance for a miracle because he was promised one from the Lightbender in the Circus Mirandus. I loved this one. It has magic and I loved the characters and I loved the writing. It was a terrific story.


If you liked “Lions of Little Rock” by Kristin Levine, you should look for her other book called “The Best Bad Luck I ever had”. It’s set in Alabama in 1918 and the main character, Dit, is a boy hoping for a new friend. There is a new postmaster coming to town and they’ve heard the postmaster has a son about Dit’s age. It turns out the postmaster DOES have a child, but she’s a girl and they are African Americans. This book had some great language (awesome similes!) and I loved the character of Dit and his new friend, Emma. There are some very interesting pieces about the civil rights movement as well as the influenza outbreak. It was terrific.bestbadluck

And if you are looking for a picture book, you might look for one called “Red: A Crayon’s Story” by Michael Hall. This one is a funny one about a crayon that has been mislabeled. The crayon is blue but it says red and although it tries to be red, it’s really blue. I liked this one a lot.


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End of year celebration

Today we celebrated all the reading we have done with the kids who used iPods to read this year.  The wonderful Ms. Marilyn supplied donuts and juice and we all came together to talk about the great books we read.  It was so much fun!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall so we can talk about all the amazing reading we did over the summer!  Thanks Ms. Marilyn!

IMG_0125 IMG_0127 IMG_0126

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There is a really awesome website you might want to know about it. It’s called GoNoodle and it’s sponsored by the Miami Children’s hospital. It has lots of different videos with positive messages and opportunity to move in lots of different ways. It’s really fun and there are different kinds of activities for lots of different kinds of kids. They are also going to have something called Camp GoNoodle this summer that you might like to look at it. Here’s a link.

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Another free book fair?

Wahoo! We’re having another free book fair this year! That’s right, the Children’s services Council of Palm Beach county has donated books so everyone at S D Spady Montessori Elementary (and all the other schools in Palm Beach County) will get to take home a free book for the summer! What an awesome way to kick off our summer reading!


Our free book fair is going to be on Monday, May 11. During their fine arts time, all the kids will get to come and pick out a book. They will also get a book mark, a sticker so they can write their name on the inside of the book and a bag to put the book in. We are so looking forward to the free book fair once again! Thanks Children’s Services Council! resize_image

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Book fair!

bookfair1We’re having such a great time with the book fair! It’s always lots of fun to see all the new books and what could be better than new books?
The book fair is going on through the end of the week (February 28), which is a bit unusual for us. The book fair will be open during Spady Fest on Saturday, February 28! So if you didn’t get a chance to come during the week, you can totally come on Saturday! See you at the fair!

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Meet the author!

Did you ever want to meet the author of your favorite book? We have a really awesome opportunity here in South Florida, next week is the Miami Book Fair. It was started by Mitch Kaplan, who owns a completely amazing independent bookstore called Books and Books. He started the book fair as an opportunity to get authors to come and connect with their fans and it’s grown to be one of the biggest book fairs in the nation. That means we have access to some stupendous authors for the price of admission to the book fair! Some of the authors you might like to hear are Kazu Kibuishi (the author of the Amulet series), Katherine Applegate (the author of the Newbery award winner The One and Only Ivan), or Tony DiTerlizzi (the author of the Search for Wondla and the Spiderwick Chronicles) as well as fun activities for kids.

The Miami Book fair is this weekend-November 19-21. Here’s the website Check it out, it’s terrific!

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Free book fair

Our regular book fair was a big success! Lots of kids got to get lots of great new books! I hope they have been busy this weekend reading them!
Coming up is our FREE book fair, sponsored by the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County.

They have generously donated enough books so that every child in Palm Beach County can choose one book to take home for free! Our book fair is coming up (hopefully either towards the end of this week or possibly next week). So stay tuned!

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Book fair!

Our book fair is going to be earlier than usual this year! This year, the book fair starts September 15 and ends September 19. We’ll be open during the “Back to School” night on Wednesday, September 17. I sure hope you’ll be able to come by! We’ll be open every day starting at about 7:30 am and finish each day around 3 pm, except for Wednesday. Wednesday we’ll be open late for Back to School night.

This year, the Book fair is going to be in the Science lab in Building 2. We’ll have a great array of books so plan to stop in! If you can’t make it, you can also shop online. Here’s the web address

Did you know that kids who have at least 50 books of their own choosing tend to be much better readers than the kids who don’t have books in their house? That’s one reason the book fair is such a great opportunity to get books the kids want.


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It’s not too late!

Have you been having a really fun summer? I know I have. I started back to school today and it was super fun to see all my teacher friends, although it was a little quiet with no kids! I can’t wait to see all of them next week. So it’s not too late to read some awesome books this summer! I’ve been reading like crazy and man, have I read some awesome books! It really isn’t about the number of books I read (although if you want to hear the number, it was 72), it’s about how much fun I had reading them! By reading them, I got to go to places I couldn’t go (like the old West or a London in a long future time where kids fight ghosts or a perfectly ordinary neighborhood with kids I would want to play with), I got to hang out with people I thought were interesting (like a chef who lives in London but grew up in Israel or a lady who had a dog who needed something to do so she taught him to be a therapy dog and took him to a nursing home) or surprising (like a librarian in Iraq who was afraid her books would be stolen or damaged during the war so she took them home). Even though I got to do some really amazing traveling this summer, the books took me places I couldn’t go on my own (or in some cases, places I didn’t WANT to go). And it’s not too late for you to to be reading and having adventures like mine! Keep reading and make sure you have some way to show me the reading you did this summer (a calendar, a note from your mom, the address of your blog page, a video, it doesn’t matter to me). I’ll be looking for people to celebrate with me about all the awesome reading we did this summer!

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More fairy tales? Really?

Really. Oh boy do I love fairy tales and you know what? It turns out I’m not the only one. I was talking to a completely amazing teacher today (she teaches grown ups how to use computers and I was the student!) and she reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein, which is “If you want your kids to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be really smart, read them more fairy tales”. So, if you hate fairy tales, I’m really sorry but these were REALLY good.

One of the books that’s getting big buzz right now is called “The Night Gardener” by Jonathan Auxier. It’s the story of two Irish orphans who are trying to make their way in England probably in the mid 1800s. They find work in a house way out in the countryside, although no one they meet seems to think it’s a good idea that they go there. They go anyway and find a family that appear to be ill. They are all thin and pale and unhappy. The two kids, Molly and Kip, stay to work, even though the place has a bad feeling about it. The story is scary and creepy and so exciting to read. I LOVED this one.

The first book Jonathan Auxier wrote is called ‘Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes”. It’s also a fairy tale but it has a pretty horrible beginning, so be careful! Some of the descriptions are very vivid and really icky, so if you don’t like icky stuff, you might want to skip over this one. But if you can stand it (or read fast past it like I do), you’ll be rewarded with the best kind of fairy tale… interesting characters (like a knight who has been turned into a beast that is part cat and part horse AND can talk), sparrows that are captives and spies, apes who are guards, ravens who are soldiers, a blind boy who is a thief and captive princess… wow, and then the characters seem to catapult from one exciting thing to the next! I’m not even finished but I’m thinking of slowing down so that I don’t finish it too quickly! Here’s a book trailer about it which is not icky at all.

And one more I read that was terrific (and NOT a fairy tale) was called the Adventures of BeanBoy by Lisa Harkrader. It’s the story of a boy named Tucker who LOVES comic books. His favorite super hero is called H2O man and he’s really surprised when he gets the latest issue and finds out it’s the LAST issue, but that there is challenge-create a sidekick for H20 man and win a college scholarship. Tucker would really like to win a college scholarship, not so much for himself, but for his mom who is working full time plus going to college since his dad left. Tucker is often left to care for his little brother Beecher who has trouble talking. Tucker is also just trying to survive middle school, which is filled with it’s own perils. Anyway, this is a great story because it tells how he gets all the ideas for his totally amazing character, Bean Boy. It’s really funny and has some cool graphic art panels. This one is also going to be one of the contenders for the Sunshine State Young Readers award this year. I’m going to look for this one for the media center for sure. Here’s a book trailer about it.

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