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Make up forms

When absent from class and would like to get credit you must doing the following:

1. Read an article related to the culinary industry.

2. Follow the directions on forms, fill them out and hand it to the teacher within the time allowed as stated in the handbook.

Magazine article report         Name:_______________


Date Absent________ Date Makeup work returned:___________________


Title + Author/Publication




Date article was printed:_______________________




The plot. There is a beginning, middle and end.). Make it clear that you read and understood the article. Minimum of 100 words or more !!












Three (3) supporting details




  1. How can you relate to the article?










  1. What will you remember about the article?












  1. How can you apply this information at school, work or in life?








4.What is the main idea of this article (summary)?






5.What would be an alternate title for this article?




Is this a narrative, persuasive or expository text? Cite examples from the text to support your answer.

Narrative: The telling of a story or an account of a sequence of events.

Persuasive: Text that is designed to move or sway the reader through the use of argument, whether to change the reader’s opinion or to rally support for a belief, 

Expository: Text or speech that explains a concept or procedure or provides a description


Complete the following activity based on the format of your article:

Narrative: Summarize the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Persuasive: Restate the author’s opinion. Tell if you agree or disagree and explain why.

Expository: Name three ways information from the text may be useful to you in your work, school or personal life.




Choose three words from the text that are new or unfamiliar to you. Use each word in a new sentence, providing context for the word. You may need to look the word up in a dictionary before you write. Underline the new words in your sentences.






INCORRECT: Julia Child was a chef of prodigious talent.

CORRECT:  Julia Child was a chef of prodigious talent because she was an expert at everything from soufflés to split pea soup.





Opinion:  100 words or more.

 Student’s opinion is clearly written with reason and support of text evidence. Citied within the passage or article.     
















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