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 On our trip to the Provence (Southern France), we decide to stop for lunch in Tain-l’Hermitage, a small town in the northern Provence. The main reason was to visit the Valrhona chocolate factory.

When having lunch in France it is important to eat between 11 and 2 pm. In France, people take their lunch break very seriously, so after two pm the kitchen is closed until 5 pm. After we parked the car and found the main square, and as usual in Europe the square is filled with several restaurants, most with outdoor seating. Generally the menu is advertised on a standing blackboard along the side walk.As we observe the different restaurants and their customers along with the menu we chose a restaurant that had what seem to be local craftsman having lunch. The menu card was short, a variety of salads, Entecote(steaks) with French fries, the usual menu of most restaurants. Then there is always the plate du jour, a featured item for a reasonable price. OToday I ordered the special (Plate du Jour), poulet a la basque. It could have been poulet surprise for all I knew, since I did not know of a classical garnish called basque, however the waitress explained, it was chicken with a tomato sauce.IMG_0804IMG_0805 

Well to my surprise the plate was loaded with salad, French fries, salad and two chicken legs and one chicken breast. I checked the daily special board and looked at my plate and thought “eight euros for this plate!” The taste was good, the sauce most likely came from a jar; the salad dressing had a strong mustard flavor. The French fries where thin cut and crispy fried. I have traveled through France on many occasion, the food can vary from good to excellent. In most restaurants the portions are adequate but never as opulent as this lunch.


   1. Julie Williams - July 8, 2014

The fries look wonderful! Please bring some back to SouthTech!

Julie Williams
Assistant Principal, SouthTech Academy