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Tool of the trade… June 15, 2014

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Meet Jannely Lora, Class of 2010

Growing up I knew I always wanted a career that deals with food and making people happy. I never cared what the job was, whether it was food photography, food writing or even food design; I knew I had to do it! When I heard about SouthTech, and the opportunity that they gave to their students to work with two amazing chefs in a real commercial kitchen, I knew that this was the school for me. Attending SouthTech gave me the discipline, knowledge and the confirmation that I needed to know that this was the career choice for me. Working with Chef O’Neil, a Culinary Institute of America Alum, and learning about this amazing college she attended, and seeing the years of skills and knowledge she gained from it, and ultimately working in the real world, pushed me further into falling in love with my dream school. Working with Chef Tanner, who was my very first Master Pastry Chef I studied under, helped open my eyes into the world of baking and pastry, and this is what defines who I am today. Both chefs taught me the basics and much more in order to prepare myself for The Culinary Institute of America. They gave me my confidence that I needed to have,  and the understanding that with hard work, discipline, and respect to authority, that I am only capable of prominence, and that I make my future and determine where I end up. Graduating from The Culinary Institute of America  with my Associate in Professional Studies in Baking and Pastry Arts, and my Bachelors in Baking and Pastry Arts Management prepared me to the maximum with the knowledge that I needed to not only being more than capable in working in a kitchen, and also managing it, but to one day own one.  Both these schools are truly the best schools in America, and if I never attended SouthTech Academy High School, my success story would have never happened. During this present moment, right after graduating with my Bachelors on May 1, 2014, I went straight into the work field on May 5, 2014 working at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach, which was only possible from the help and connection from The Culinary Institute of America. In knowing myself so well, I know that this is just the first step into carving my future, and I am more than ready, confident, and excited to see how far I am going to take myself.





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