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After reading (or hearing) Frost’s famous poem, I thought you would enjoy this parody:

The Pudding Not Taken.

Please note that in England, “pudding” means dessert! After reading Sophie’s parody, try writing one of your own. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, super creative class!!

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Here are some links to more information about Do The Write Thing. We will be writing these essays in class on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 5th & 6th.

Article in the Sun Sentinel

National Site

Go Palm Beach!

A winner from Los Angeles CA

Our Local Chapter of DTWT

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I have decided to reactivate my blog in order for you guys to have a safe space to communicate with me and each other. Please review the rules you signed before getting access to this blog. If you do not abide by the rules, you will not be allowed to blog with us. Basically, be school-appropriate and always kind!

If you like, you may try out the Holiday Poem Generator below. After it makes your (cheesy) poem, you’ll have to copy and paste into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to decorate it. I suggest you email it to yourself to print at home since there are very few student accessible printers here (media center).

Also, POST A NOTE to me or your classmates, telling us the best parts about your Thanksgiving break! Just click on “Post a Comment” and remember the rules.

The best parts for me were having my children home and seeing “Fantastic Beasts.”

Peace to you all,

Ms. Sall

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Generate your own poem about YOU by clicking on this image!

Create your own holiday poem by clicking on this image.

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Massive Python found in Evergladespython

And check out this article about the upcoming “Python Challenge.” What I thought was interesting in this article is the mention of coyotes, because they’ve been an invasive problem in my Wellington neighborhood this summer. Between the raccoons and the coyotes, my cats have been afraid to go outside.

What are the worst invasive species in your home or yard?

Would you be interested in going on a Python hunt?

Post a comment and give me your opinion…

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Check out this article in Time Magazine which argues that certain personality traits are more important in getting good grades than intelligence! I can’t wait to hear what you think about this. Do you agree? Disagree? Post an intelligent comment and give me your thoughts…

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Read the FYI “For Argument’s Sake” from your Online Textbook and vote on this issue. Then post your comments below, and prepare for a debate one day soon! Be sure to gather information to support your claims and ideas, but cite your source (tell me where you found your facts).

FYI “For Argument’s Sake”

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artCollection Four in our textbook is all about making our voices heard, not only in the classroom, but in our communities and worldwide. Therefore, I thought you’d enjoy this audio snippet about how two brave individuals are expressing themselves.

Civil war has torn the country of Syria apart for years. As the government and opposition forces fight, many civilians have been caught in the middle. Some artists are using their work to tell the world about the experiences of ordinary Syrians in this conflict.

Click here for the article and audio.

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We had a wonderful classroom debate on the issue of individuals owning wild animals. I loved the respectful way that students voiced their opinions and backed up their thoughts with specific evidence from our readings and research.

Thank you to those students who alerted me to the National Geographic article that was conveniently published the same month as our debate! I highly recommend you read this excellent assessment of the situation.

Click here for the article!


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Show that you know how to use quotations to provide evidence for a statement (citing textual evidence) by writing an excellent paragraph. You may post your paragraph as a comment in this blog, or submit it to me the old fashioned way (on paper).

  • Make a statement about FEAR.
  • Support your statement with a quote, paraphrase or summary from a poem, short story, novel or informational article that you have read.
  • Explain your evidence completely and thoroughly, tying it back to the statement and leaving the reader with no unanswered questions.


Paragraphs due by Thursday, October 2nd.