Teachers as Students (BLCTAC)

Blue Planet Writer’s Room, in partnership with the Building Learning Communities Through Arts Council (BLTAC) and Resource Depot, recently hosted a writing workshop at Roosevelt Middle School. RMS teacher were invited to participate in this workshop in order to learn creative strategies for teaching writing and vocabulary. Among other activities, teachers learned to teach vocabulary by creating books from images and cut up words. Not only was this a learning experience, but it was also fun. Hopefully, the students will be reaping the benefits of this workshop in the upcoming months.

All three of these organizations will be working with RMS this year. Blue Planet is working with Mrs. Pekar’s seventh grade classes this year, and BLCTAC, along with artist Jennifer O’Brien, will be working throughout the year with Mr. LaVogue’s and Mrs. Kauffman’s classes. This is the second year that BLCTAC has worked with social studies students on our campus. Resource Depot provides teachers with free, recycled materials that they can use in their classrooms.

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