Jun 30 2017

3.01 – Social Media Ads

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Select one of your favorite social media sites (Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Scroll through and take a look at the advertisements that are targeted at you. The image above is an example of the types of social media that are found to be important in the Marketing world.

Use the guiding questions below to prompt your ideas for your blog. Just a reminder that a blog shares your thoughts and opinions on a topic. Be sure not to simply answer the questions below, as this is not a blog.

  • ¬†What types of advertisements do you see?
  • Why do you think these ads were targeted at you?

Be sure to share which site you are using for your analysis. If you do not currently use social media, consider what types of ads you think would be aimed at you based on your demographics and interests. Explain your thinking. Remember, your submission will consist of the blog URL and should be attached in the Blog Post Assignment page.

After you submit your comment here, using your First Name & Last Initial Only, please use this link for grading within Canvas. http://weblogs.pbspaces.com/mssittigsela/?p=204

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  1.   Mikayla Aon 08 Jul 2017 at 9:50 am 1

    When I go on social media i see many different types of ads.Some of them tend to be pretty random. On twitter i sometimes see makeup ads but, on instagram there is just a random selection of ads such s food, banks etc,. On snapchat i see ads for movies and random food ads.Then on sites like spotify i guess it depends on what i’m listening to. When i listen to pop they use pop music ads but, if i’m listening to spanish music the ads tend to be in spanish. I think these ads are targeted at me because of what i search up.


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