Jun 30 2017

3.01 – Social Media Ads

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Select one of your favorite social media sites (Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Gaming, Apps, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Scroll through and take a look at the advertisements that are targeted at you.

Use the guiding questions below to prompt your ideas for your blog. Just a reminder that a blog shares your thoughts and opinions on a topic. Be sure not to simply answer the questions below, as this is not a blog.

  •  What types of advertisements do you see?
  • Why do you think these ads were targeted at you?

Be sure to share which site you are using for your analysis. If you do not currently use social media, consider what types of ads you think would be aimed at you based on your demographics and interests. Explain your thinking. Remember, your submission will consist of the blog URL and should be attached in the Blog Post Assignment page.

After you submit your comment here, using your First Name & Last Initial Only, please use this link for grading within Canvas. http://weblogs.pbspaces.com/mssittigsela/?p=204

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Jun 30 2017

2.01 – Google Yourself

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For this assignment you are going to Google yourself. Simply go to Google.com and enter your name in the search bar. Try searching different variations of your names or nicknames that you may use. Take time to look at everything that comes up, including images.

After looking through the results of your Google search, create a blog post that addresses the following questions:

1. What did you find when you searched your name? What type of information and/or images came up?

2. What surprised you about the results of your search?

3. Do you think your presence on social media affected the results of the search? How? Explain.

Each time you add a blog post, be sure to save and publish. When you submit your blog, you will submit the published link to your blog site. Your blog post should be no less than 7 sentences in length and should fully explore the topic. Remember that a blog is personal. Comment on what you have learned and read and share your thoughts and ideas on the topic.

After you submit your comment here, using your First Name & Last Initial Only, please use this link for grading within Canvas. http://weblogs.pbspaces.com/mssittigsela/?p=200

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Jun 30 2017

1.05 – Social Media Addiction

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It’s time for another blog entry! Take a moment and respond to the   Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS) scale (see page 1.05 What’s the Harm? for the survey questions).

as discussed on the previous page. Since this is just for reflection and not research, feel free to substitute another social media site (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) if you do not use Facebook. Share your results.

Use the guiding questions below to initiate your blog. They should serve to spark ideas for your blog. Remember a blog is a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly online. Blog posts are usually short, informal, and sometimes deeply personal. Do not just simply answer the questions below, as that is not what blogging is all about.

  • Do you think the scale accurately assessed your relationship with social media?
  • Do you think that you need to make any changes in your habits?
  • If you do not currently use social media, please administer the BFAS to a friend or family member. What did they think of the results? Did they agree?
  • If you needed to recommend any changes, what would they be?

After you submit your comment here, using your First Name & Last Initial Only, please use this link for grading within Canvas. http://weblogs.pbspaces.com/mssittigsela/?p=195

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Jun 30 2017

1.03 – Social Media Dangers

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For your first blog post, you will focus on the dangers of social media. One of the lessons in this module focused on being safe on social media. Research dangers that teenagers face when participating in and posting on social media. Choose one danger of social media and post your thoughts about it.

  • Does this make you feel unsafe?
  • Can this danger be avoided?
  • What actions can you and other teenagers take to avoid this danger of social media?

Your blog post should be a minimum of 7 sentences in length and should fully explore the topic. Remember that a blog is personal, so don’t just post facts and research or simply respond to the questions above. Share your thoughts and ideas on what you have learned and read.

After you submit your comment here, using your First Name & Last Initial Only, please use this link for grading within Canvas. http://weblogs.pbspaces.com/mssittigsela/?p=191

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Aug 19 2013

Virtual, Here I Come!

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After an amazing number of years at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington, FL, I have made the move to our county’s own Palm Beach Virtual School.  I am joining Ms. Tetreault, Ms. Romano, and a number of other wonderful faculty members (click here to view our pics).  Moreover, I am excited to report that I am teaching ELA 8th and 10th grade (Advanced/Honors).  I am available by multiple means now and hope to one day have you as a student again.  Should you need my assistance, a recommendation/reference letter, want to brainstorm, discuss project ideas, want to post to the blog… please seek me out and spread the word.  Go forth and be awesome!

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Jun 05 2013

Another Wonderful Year Comes to a Close

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Add your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and appreciations here for Ms. Sittig’s ELA classes 2012-13. Thank you for giving it your all. You will succeed in all you do.

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May 01 2013

Congrats! Yay!

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Congrats to Emma R., Gabby T., & Gillian G. for being recognized and published by the Palm Beach County Middle School Poetry Competition.

Congrats to Haley J., Nikita P., & Jennifer L. for placing second in the April is for Authors Thinkersize Challenge for the novel “Wild Things” by Clay Carmichael.

We are the BoxTop Champions two years running, yay!

Great Work Students!!!

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May 01 2013

Persuasive Cookie Paragraph

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Our Cookie Subjects

Persuade me to eat the cookie or not eat the cookie.  Include a topic sentence and support (FRIES).

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Apr 10 2013

Guess What 2013

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There are two parts to this blog post (part A & B).
Part A:
Without reading the story, write down what’s happening in the photo, what happened during the game, and who won. Make an inference/prediction.

Miami Marlins' Adeiny Hechevarria reacts as he gets called a second strike before striking out for the last out in the ninth inning as the Miami Marlins lost 3-2 against Atlanta Braves, at the Marlins Park in Little Havana in Miami on Tuesday, April 09, 2013.

Pedro Portal / Staff Photo

Part B:
Read the story (click on the word “story“), were your predictions correct?  Be honest and provide your conclusion(s).
Post Parts A & B to the blog. Please post only your first name and last initial.  Proofread your work for grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc.

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Feb 05 2013

Were you sold? (Persuasive Techniques)

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As we watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday, we saw a great game and we got our best laughs from the advertisements.  Please watch the compilation of the top 10 ads from that night.  1. When finished viewing the video post to the blog, telling us (your fellow peers and I), which advertisement you chose as most effective? 2. Do the research to back up your argument. 3. Was the ad creative and did they use humor to build their case? 4. Do they appeal to the audience’s emotions and do they use real life examples? Explain. 5. What are the other points of view or would there be objections and how do they, the advertiser, counter it? 6. Does the ad insult anyone or get personal (this is a no, no)?

Top 10 Super Bowl Ads, 2013 (Click Here to View the Video)

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