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It’s that time of year when we get very busy with performances.  Beginning Chorus will kick everything off by singing at Barnes & Noble on December 1st.   Yes, that is a Saturday, but it’s a very short performance.  Everyone needs to arrive by 11:45.  We will sing at noon, and our mini-concert lasts only about 20 minutes.  As soon as we’re done, you are free to leave.  It’s also very informal.  You will need to wear your Chorus shirts, but you can wear them with jeans.

Winter Arts Festival is our opportunity to show off all the music programs at Landings.  This is actually a series of concerts that takes place over three nights, but each group performs just once.  (I know some of you will need to come twice, if you are in both chorus and band and your groups are playing on different nights.  Sorry!)  Beginning Chorus will sing at the Wednesday evening performance, and Concert Chorus and Handbells will perform on Thursday.  The Wednesday evening concert will be short, probably less than an hour, because there are just two groups performing that night.  Unfortunately, we have no beginning handbells this year; that would have been their night to perform, which will make the concert shorter.

Concert Chorus will have one more performance, on December 14th at the Kravis Center.  I will be sending home more information about that in a few days.  I turned down another performance request for December, because I think we have more than enough to do!

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Thanks to Kara F., one of the songs that Advanced Bells played at Winter Arts Festival can now be heard on the internet.  Kara’s dad recorded the concert, and Kara uploaded Celebration to youtube.  I can’t link to youtube, but you can see and hear our performance if you search “Celebration Handbells WLMS”.  And thanks to Katelan B. for teaching me Mr. Walsh’s trick of how to get onto youtube at school!

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We are going to be busy over the next few weeks.  Make sure you’ve marked the dates on your calendar when your ensemble is performing.

  • December 4th:  Beginning Chorus sings at Barnes and Noble.
  • December 7th:  Beginning Chorus and Beginning Handbells perform at Winter Arts Festival (WLMS gym)
  • December 8th:  Concert Chorus and Wellington Ringers perform at Winter Arts Festival (WLMS gym)
  • December 18th:  Wellington Ringers perform as part of the Wellington Holiday program at the amphitheater on Forest Hill Drive.  Please let me know ASAP if you will not be able to be part of this performance.  I know this is the first Saturday of Winter Break, but I think this will be really good publicity for us.

Check Edline performance and call times, uniforms, and all the details.  Remember, too, that Winter Arts Festival serves as our nine-week exam.

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Danza, one of the pieces that beginning handbells is ringing for Winter Arts Festival, is a dance originally written in the 1500s.  We like to ring it at a fast tempo; it sounds better when we play more quickly. 

If you follow this link, you will be able to hear a recording of Danza.  This is from the online catalog at Handbell World, where we get most of our music and supplies.  Click on the yellow handbell icon to listen to the recording.  You will hear brass (trumpets, trombones, French horns) and percussion in addition to the handbells.  And they play it fast.

What do you think of this tempo?  What do you think a dance done to this music would look like?

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