I know that I’ve told you about the Tone Deaf on-line comic before, and the new posters in the Chorus Room are from this series.  The artist, John  Bogenschutz, is a former band director, so most of the strips are about band.   But occasionally, he does one for chorus.  If you follow this link , you’ll see a new one of these.  Eric Whitacre is a choral composer who writes beautiful, but very difficult and complex music.  His pieces aren’t anything we would ever consider in middle school.  I think that Mr. Chase has done one or two at Wellington High School, but Whitacre’s music is mostly college-level.  And there’s nothing ordinary about the parts.  You can listen to some samples of his music at Mr. Whitacre’s website. Anyway, I think the comic strip is pretty funny.  The music is not funny, but it is absolutely beautiful.  Listen to “Alleluia” if you get a chance.


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