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What will you be for Halloween? Add your note to our sticky note wall. Just click “Post a Sticky” at the bottom. Tell about your costume and why you chose it. You can include a link to a picture too. Remember, first names only. Have fun!

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This week is Teacher Appreciation week and today I walked into my classroom to find my door decorated. It wasn’t JUST decorated, it was alive with the faces of my students and their comments about why they enjoy my class. I am so touched by their thoughtful comments. I am posting just a few here to share with the world. Everyone should be as lucky as I am to have such awesome kids! Thank you to my students and also to my thoughtful Room Mom who not only put all this together, but also brought me my favorite Starbucks drink first thing this morning! Wow!!! I feel very appreciated and spoiled! Thank you so much!

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These are the days that touch my heart…

“I’ve known you for about a year,

When I hear your voice I just might cheer.

As a teacher, you make me laugh and play,

I want to see you every day.

You never think of me as stupid,

I think I might be visiting Cupid.

Just as I think the day is done,

You show up and it’s just begun.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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This is an email I sent to my students’ parents today.
Feel free to copy it and share with your students.

Dear Parents,

Track Santa Online!

Even for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, this is an amazing experience for your child. http://www.noradsanta.org

Every year on Dec. 24, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) opens up their special site so people can track Santa in real time. It’s not just a “Oh, there he is on the map” sort of thing. Once you see where Santa is on the map, you can see the sparkle trails of where he’s been already, and click on the video icons to see videos and explore more. There are Wikipedia articles and beautiful photos at almost every location. According to Google, almost 8 million people used the site last year.

As of this writing, Santa is in Aparri, Philippines but in 3 minutes he will be in Zamboanga, Philippines.

Too bad this wasn’t available when my boys were young.

For more information, here is how the whole thing started. (Sometimes, mistakes lead to amazing ideas!)

Just so you know, they take the site down every year right after Christmas Day, so bookmarking it for later won’t do a thing. (I tried it.)

I hope you’ll share this with your children. No work for you… just give them the link and let them explore. Believe me, they will figure it out. http://www.noradsanta.org

Mrs. Kolbert

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Who better to make an elf of herself than your teacher, right? Well here goes…

Send your own ElfYourself eCards