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We hope you’ll follow our class’ adventures with the Secret Life of Scientists as we explore each new scientist and my new blogging “gig.”  Secret Life of Scientists is an amazing website hosted by PBS NOVA where scientists are profiled who also have some very interesting “secret lives.” The current scientist is Molly Woodworth who is not only a neuroscientist but also a CHEERLEADER! How cool is that? You can learn more by watching brief, fun videos about Molly here.

My first post is about our students who are now exploring some ways scientists do their jobs and tools they use. The first question I asked the class was, “What do scientists do?” Their responses (which needed to be spontaneous, with no research) are posted below in the slideshow and will soon be posted on the Secret Life of Scientists site as well.

Check it out!

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In class we are learning about the Florida Everglades. The students are excited to be creating posters with their groups depicting images and facts about the Everglades.

Did you know…

The Everglades is made up of over 10,000 different islands?
One of the most endangered species of animals in the Florida Everglades is the Florida Panther?
The Everglades are home to over 67 threatened or endangered species.

Most people (me included) have never actually visited and might be interested in taking a virtual tour. Take a few minutes and enjoy this airboat ride with Captain Ken.