Filed Under (blogging, general) by Lee Kolbert on 03-06-2010

Today is the last day of school and what a great year it’s been! My students brought me many gifts this year. The spontaneous cards and posters they created and many very generous gift cards and candles, mugs, beach bags and other items that I truly love. I recognize that, unlike many deserving teachers in the world, I’m very lucky to teach in such an affluent, generous and highly supportive community.

Then there were other gifts that didn’t come in colorful bags with tissue paper. Those were the gifts that showed me my students were learning and that they wanted to learn more. The gifts of interest, growth, kindness and eagerness. These are the gifts that teachers value the most; like when we recognize that we’ve reached our students in some special way.

Alayna surprised me with a lovely gift today. She brought me this video she created that was inspired by some recent projects we created in class. She said it only took her about an hour to create from start to finish but I think it must have taken her much, much longer. She did an awesome job and we all loved watching it in class. It’s the perfect digital send-off for our class blog. Enjoy!