Filed Under (writing) by Lee Kolbert on 14-05-2010

This post is written by students, Hannah and Julianna.

For the past few weeks, Mrs. Kolbert’s writing classes have been participating in a program called “Books of Hope.” This project is when we write non-fiction books for our sister-school, Lalogi Primary School in Uganda. Each child in our class picked a topic to write a book about. Then, we did some research and collected two or more books to help us get started. Every book we created must have about 15 pages of text and each page shuold have an estimate of 100-150 words. After completing our rough drafts, we typed it up and started our illustrations. To make sure our books had all the materials it needed, we got a checklist that had to be checked off in order for the book to be published.

After the teacher had made sure our books were OK, they will now be binded and shipped away to the fortunate children in Uganda. We hope that they enjoy our books.

We asked a student in our class what she thought of participating in Books of Hope. Her response was, “this was easy and fun experience was cool.” Another student said, “Even though it was lots of hard work, it truly paid off.”

From our observations we’ve noticed that other students thoughts writing, typing and drawing the pictures for these books was overwhelming work.