An Earth Day Webinar with Philippe Cousteau

Filed Under (Discovery Education, science) by Lee Kolbert on 15-04-2010

On April 14, my students (along with thousands of others around the world) participated in an online webinar with Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau. His message to our youth of taking care to preserve and restore our world’s oceans was very encouraging.

With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day coming up next week, I was happy to hear that Discovery Education would be hosting a webinar where Philippe would speak directly to our students. I’ve heard Philippe speak (I’ve met him twice before) and I know he is very engaging, so I was really excited to make this an interesting experience for my 4th graders.

I prepared my students for this by downloading Ocean’s Deadliest from Discovery Streaming (if you are a subscriber, just click the Discovery Streaming link, log in and you will be brought to the video). As we watched Philippe on this exciting documentary, we got a good sense of Philippe’s mission. It was good for the students to have a sense of connection with Philippe prior to the webinar.

While Philippe spoke about the oceans, overfishing, pollution and simple changes we can all make to create a positive change, he shared some photos and videos. My students recognized much of what he shared from the documentary. It was familiar and made sense to them. There was also the backchannel scrolling up on the sidebar. (It was fascinating to watch how well the students attended to the chat as well as to what Philippe was sharing.)

Later that evening, I noticed that one of my students, Julia, blogged about the webinar. Reading her post was such a heart-warming, proud moment for me because it was unprompted. Julia is one of my best writers and brilliant thinkers. If you read her post and see what she came up with, you will see why.

Thanks to Philippe for sharing his message in such a friendly, down-to-earth manner. Thanks also to Discovery for hosting the webinar. Special thanks to Julia for an awesome blogpost!

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Maria C Reply:

I agree, with gabby,I would never forget this!

maria.c on 22 April, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

It was SO awesome watching it!I learned many things.