Filed Under (reading) by Lee Kolbert on 04-04-2010

I found this site on the Internet where you can read entire books for free! It’s called ManyBooks.net. They have over 26,500 books that you can read online OR download for free to your computer or handheld device like iPod Touch, Kindle and the new iPad. Many of the texts are from Project Gutenberg but many books from other sources are here as well.

Although most of the books are old, there are many classics and non-fiction books that could prove very helpful for research. On a quick search, I found Alice in Wonderland and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (in addition to many of his plays). Some other interesting titles:

You can search by keyword and also browse by author, title, genre and language. I found browsing by genre to be the most fascinating; clicking from topic to book to book to author back to book and to another book. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the site and even found that if you search the author’s name, there’s a link on the right-hand side to Wikipedia where you can learn more about that author.

I hope you’ll try it and leave a comment telling what was the most interesting book you found. Is this something you think you would use? Would you download a book on your computer and read it (PDF) or read it on your iPod Touch or iPad or Kindle? Or are you a hard-copy book kinda person?

I look forward to your comments.

Image credit: Valentina Photography on Flickr (Creative Commons)