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Language Arts – Mr. Burns

May 26, 2010


Green black and blue-white
Slithering into a hole
Disappears quickly

Weather today
Big blue plains of sky
Big or little cotton balls
Are scattered in the sky

The very bright sunlight
Rays are bronzed and glistening
Looking very superb

The weather is warm
The beaming rays are glowing
Making me cheery

By: Julianne K.

Snakes slithering quickly
Very shiny and shy
Coiled up in the dirt

Weather today
The weather is hot
With rain all day yesterday
Still is wet outside

The sun is boiling
All day long today and yesterday
It is very hot

The flowers growing
In summer and spring time
The sun is shining

By: Rachel F.


Slithering around
Quick as a bolt of lighting
Coiled in a ball

Weather today
Sunny, bright, and warm
Coming out beneath the clouds
High up in the sky

Sunlight shining down
Warm and beaming down brightly
Goes away at night

Bright, but very cold
Snow is falling to the ground
The sun couldn’t season

By: Tara W.

The snake slithering by
Looking treacherous and sly
Looking for a meal

Weather today
The cloudless bright sky
Leaves the Earth dry and boring
But it will rain soon

The glistening glass
Filled with arsenic and wine
Will leave a soul gone

Late in the afternoon
The sun moon share the sky
Something’s wrong with Earth

By: Victoria S.

Slithering on by
Cold, frightening, sleek creatures
Awkward yet unique

Weather today
The hot summer day
The sun shining all day long
A star in the sky

It wilted away
On the cold November day
So young so graceful

She looked so graceful
Flying up high in the sky
Reaching the heavens

By: Gabbi S.

Slithering past me
My heart starts to beat quickly
Before its quick strike

Weather today
Shining above me
The sweltering sun sits still
On this hot spring day

Glistening water
Swaying softly back and forth
Surrounds my body

The bright glowing moon
Sits quietly in the sky
Watching down on me

By: Jessica S.

It was sleek and sly
It was moving all about
It was a quick thing

Weather today
The weather today
Is very hot, dry, and warm
Time to stay inside

The sunlight warming
Up the Earth in the morning
All covered in gold

Looking at the birds
Makes me want to fly one day
That day needs to come

By: Jessica K.

Sly like a red fox
Slithering throught the forest
Sun turning it hot

Weather today
Soft, breezy palm leaves
Golden rays seeping through them
Resting on the sea

Sand cored to bronze
Sunlight glistening the sea
Seagulls diving in

Warm, cheery laughter
Blue eyes shining like ice cubes
Laughing with us all

By: Stephanie W.

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