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Strike Force Legos

The Strike Force Legos – Omni Middle School’s After-School Robotics Team for 2014-2015

Our Online Design Journal:

October 30, 2014:

This week we met on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, we began the Learning Passports, brainstorming ideas for a Team name and Logo. 
We agreed that we are the Strike Force Legos. The logo is a shield with the letters SFL.


We have a design board that two team members are drawing the Logo on. We’ll put our design goals and tasks around the logo on the design board. We’ve built all but two of the mission models and fixed the velcro to the models and to the mat.

On Wednesday, Derek visited and looked at our models on our mat. Some of them needed some adjustments. He showed us how to fix the Search Engine, and on Thursday a team member made the needed adjustments. Thank you Derek!

On Thursday, we opened our Robotic kits, charged the battery for the EV3. We took all the pieces out of the bags and sorted them into the trays. Then team members started building the robot, following the steps from the manual included in the kids. By the end of the session on Thursday, we pretty much have the robot built, not including the attachments.

We distributed permission forms to get consent to post pictures.

Next week, we will try creating a maze out of tape like we did at the workshop and work at programming it through the maze.

We have a nice group of kids that are accomplishing things each time we meet.


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