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AD DESTROYER By Dennis B., Bryceton C., Brady D.

Mouse to aim
Space to shoot
(On the title, you must click the word play, not just the scope.


Move the soccer players with the WASD keys (player 1) and arrow keys (players 2) move the ball by hitting it. If you hit the outside the green you will go back to the middle.

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FOOTBALL PING PONG by Christian A. and Nachbi S.

The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible.

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101racer101 Gustavo Ghersi Per.6

Control Cars with a and d for one and left arrow and right arrow for the other one. If the cars hit light blue, brown, orange, or yellow they are out.

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Button clicker by Bennett D. Sebastian S. Diego D.

Just click the button and have a good time .

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Dontgethitoryoullprobablydie. By Jad A.

The controls are the up arrow which moves the bat up and the down arrow that moves the bat down. Your goal is to stay alive and dodge planes and helicopters, try to beat my highscore 32!

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SuperCat! By Sabrina S. and Nayelih M.

You must see how cool it is when you see a cat fly and change colors!

How about you try it out!

Use Arrow Keys to move one cat and to move the other use keys, a,s,w,d.


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Chasing Game by Sebastian S, Felipe F, Rafael B P.6

With the big creature, try to get the smaller creatures with the mouse.Go through the portals when you get to them.There’s a score and timer so don’t run out of time.



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Ghostly Love By Liliana R, Victoria S, and Sabrina P

Help the boy ghost reach his love by going through mazes, use the arrow keys to help him find his way around, and be careful don’t get lost!


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Bat Hunt 2 by MichaelG. & Jestiny B.

Click the bats so you can get a score, each bat gives 1 point, but the purple bat gives you 5 points, but he is faster than the normal bats.

If the timer runs out the game ends and you can see what your score is.


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