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Jumper by Victor F. p6

Jumper by Victor F per. 6

Objective:Collect the yellow coins to go to the next level

Key Presses:
Up Arrow is to jump
Left and Right Arrow is to move left and right

Create A Virtual Pet By Hali L. and Bryn F. period 6

This game is programmed to treat and care for your own virtual pet. You use the right and left arrows to move around. You can click on the different tabs to treat your monkey. When you click on the tabs the monkey’s health will increase and show you on the bottom of the screen.


Penguin Simulator By Bryan D. P6


In this game you talk to a penguin he might be funny so stick around :3



Soccer Game By:Andrew G. Enis B. Edwin F. Period 6


Player one is the orange, you use the wasd keys
Player two is the blue, you use the arrow keys to move around
The objective of the game is to get the ball into the goal player one needs to score on the right goal. Player two needs to score on the left goal.


Steph Run by: Jared G., Marc I., Kyle Q., and Emilio C. P6


The objective of this game is to make the MVP go through two moderate level mazes.

click the green flag twice to start the game
use the arrow keys to move the MVP.
if you hit the maze then the game is over
when you touch the colors at the end of the maze, you win the level.
Lastly have fun

Find The Clues By Garo V. p.6


Objective- Find Clues that does not look right to you

To Move Your Character-

Left Arrow- Move left

Right arrow- Move right

Spacebar- Jump

Platformer by Victor P. and Gebril F. p6

The point of the game is to dodge the red areas and make it to the door but i only made 2 levels i might make more in the future
space- to jump
arrow keys- move right and left

Sharknado- by Diesal P., Isaiah M., Jonathan O., P5


The objective of the game is to survive for 25 seconds. If you don’t survive 25 seconds the game end’s. Controls- left arrow to go left, right arrow to go right and space bar to jump.

Gobo Movement By: Sivonne K per.5


In this game you are supposed to try to dodge the astroids and keep Gobo safe.
You move Gobo with the mouse pointer for Gobo to dodge the astroids.

Ghostbusters by Daniel S


You have to press a,b,c,d,e,f

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