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Christmas Music Box

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Paddle Ball-greg.M-charlie.G

The goal of the game is to bounce the ball on the paddle as many times as possible to get points.The keys used for this game are A,D or right and left arrows.

Good luck at the game and try your best.

See our code;


Animate It! Andrew S, Jezzi R, James A

1. Press the green flag to begin
2. Once the word ”HELLO” comes together in the center
3. Press the up arrow key
4. Then enjoy!

Our project is an art gallery on animated words. The key presses you need to use in just the up arrow. Thank you for using your time to look at our project. Have a nice holiday break. Bye.

See or code:


Shark Game by Natan Z, Braxton W, and Aaron

The goal of this game is for the shark to catch the diver. The keys to control the shark are the following: A and D. The keys to control the diver are the following: Right key and Left key. Both the shark and the diver will move automatically. The shark has 30 seconds to catch the diver.

Natan Z, Braxton W and Aaron D created this game. Natan and Braxton are the people who coded, and Aaron gave Natan and Braxton game ideas.

See our code:


Soccer by Daniel Sean and Victor

Click green flag to start

Player 1:
Use left arrow key to go left. Use right arrow key to go right.
Use up arrow key to jump. Use space key to kick.


Player 2:
Use a key to go left. Use d key to go right.
Use w key to jump. Use q key to kick.


See our code:



Jackie and Shelly’s Maze Game

Pico’s muffin is stolen! Help him get his muffin back by using the W, A, S, and D keys to move through the maze. Get to the muffin so Pico could have his breakfast.

We downloaded the maze from Google, so thanks Google and whoever made the maze!

See our code:


Drawing Taco by Alara&Krystina


To start drawing with the taco you key the arrow buttons to move left, right, up, and down. To change size click the 1,2,3,4, and 5 keys. To change color of pen to red click R key. To change the color of pen to blue, key B key.

By: Krystina S. and Alara A.

See our code,


CLP game by Alexis, Hannah, and Leanne

First press the green flag to start.                                                                                                                                 Use the w,a,s,d key to work the lion.                                                                                                                       Use the arrow keys to work the penguin.                                                                                                                Use the 5,1,2,3 keys to work the the crab.

The last person standing is the winner. But you can still play. After one person hits a line that person becomes invisible and same for the second person. Once you turn invisible you can still draw a line so the other player or players can get out. The game does not end till everyone is gone.

See our code at:


Britt, Gabby, and Ryan’s doughnut and doggie palooza

First press the green flag to start. Then, work your way through the maze game using the arrow key presses (up, down, left, and right). Once you reach your destination (the doughnut) your puppy dog has won the game and will scream “I won!”

We made our scratch game by incorporating the key presses into a multi-step game in which the object is to get the black puppy dog to the delicious doughnut! We were inspired by the once made maze game by Al Sweigart, from “inventwithscratch.com.” We have been learning the programming aspect of scratch through him and he is very skilled.


See our code:


Maze by Noah B.,Colin B., and Hunter B.


Use arrow keys to move.

Try to make it from the start to the green box.(which is the finish).

You only have 40 seconds so you have to rush.

(find the bonus shortcut portal) 😉


See our code:


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