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Some Technology class projects created by students from Mr. Goldstein’s Technology classes:

Click on the links below to view.  Please have the volume turned on.


Made with: iStopMotion 2 Express, iMovie, and GarageBand on Apple computers.  Posted to student created web pages online, and the School District’s Vodcast server.


World’s Best Band:


The Elements:


Clay Wars:


Shape Invasion, Snail Racing, and Timothy:


Evolution of a Lily:


Giant vs. Ninja:


Twisted Tales:


Humpty Dumpty – The Remake


Yearbook Claymercial:




Made with pencils, colored pencils, paper, scanner, Macromedia Flash, computer microphones on PCs or GarageBand on Apple computers, a midi keyboard for Alien Farm, burned to CD-Rs with labels designed for the CDs, posted to student created web pages online.


Alien Farm:

The Move:

A Rapper’s Life:

The Journey West:


The Psychic Wizard in Space


Bling-Bling Boy:


Pablo in Space:



Flash Animation:

Made with Macromedia Flash on PCs, GarageBand on Apple computers, burned to CDs or DVDs, posted to student created web pages online.


Super Mario Bros.:


David Wars:


Solar Race:




Cartooning, My Anti-Drug


Flash Game Programming:

Space Pong –

View on ShareSWF

Scratch Programming

Click the green flag to play.  Use the arrow keys to move the shark.  Have the shark eat as much yellow chum as possible as you make your way to the finish line.




Flash Lip Sync:

Talking Girl:


Big Head:



It’s a Ninja!



Insane looking guy:



Hockey Player:



The Shy Jalapeno:


Video Production:

Made with pencil and paper for storyboards, digital video cameras, Apple computers, GarageBand.  Burned to DVDs.  Posted online to student created web pages and the School District’s Vodcast server.


Supreme Tech Decks:


The Study-O-Matic 3000, an invention commercial


Basketball Skills:



How to Make a P47 Thunderbolt Hi-Tech Paper Airplane



Anti-Drug commercial



Video Greeting to the Troops in Iraq:


Other work and projects:

Manila folder car designs

Read It!

Read It!

The Logo Shop – a collaboration between Mr. Goldstein’s Technology students and Mrs. Zaremba’s Family and Consumer Science students



Game Programming in Flash

Space Rocks


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