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Danielle C.

1. Put teachers’ heads on TV/Movie characters. Draw the characters in Paint.
2. Take pictures of teachers to use their heads on characters. Get permission.

Brianna M. and Luna R.

1. 8th grade rosters.
First step: Proofread names from database using hardcopy.
Second step: make changes in database
Third step: Plan a layout (on paper), using last year’s yearbook as a reference.
                       Figure out how many roster pictures on a page and the look and
                             feel of it.
                       How many candid pictures will surround the roster pictures?
                      Will there be other features (such as polls/surveys, interview
                              questions, quotes from students relating to our theme? or other aspects of Life  
                             at Omni.
                      Create/use created backgrounds for roster pages.  Figure out how many pages we
                     Work on completing Portrait Flow layouts of roster pages combining all the various
                                elements you have planned.

Tiffany E. and Jennifer S.

1.  7th Grade roster sheets. 

       Follow the same procedure as the 8th grade roster pages, above.

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Yearbook students – Decide if you want to work individually or with a partner. Create a list of 10 to 15 layouts you would like to work on, in order of preference.

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Open Writing space for yearbook.  Write a poem, create an ad for buying the yearbook, experiment…..

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You are the eyes and ears for our yearbook.  Tell what’s currently happening in each of your classes and in any extracurricular activities you are involved in.

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Yearbook students:

Brainstorm content and design ideas for this year’s yearbook.

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