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Imagine!  A website dedicated to discussions of creativity, ideas and technology.  By Mr. Goldstein and students at Omni Middle School in Boca Raton, FL.

Contact Mr. Goldstein at: andy.goldstein@palmbeachschools.org

Technology students at Omni have created:

Digital Portfolios
Flash animations;
Electronic books with PowerPoint, or with Macromedia Flash and GarageBand;
Flash animations;

Game programming using Flash and ActionScript (the Flash programming language)
Trading cards using Microsoft Publisher
A newspaper using Adobe InDesign CS2
Claymation with  iStopMotion Express 2;
digital images with Microsoft Paint and Macromedia Fireworks MX;
music with GarageBand;
videos with iMovie;
podcasts with GarageBand;
comics with Comic Life;
web pages with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Mr. Goldstein’s Journalism students create the annual school yearbook.

Mr. Goldstein has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from The New York Academy of Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Florida Atlantic University.  He is certified to teach Technology Education 6-12, Journalism 6-12, Art K-12 and Elementary Education 1-6.   He is a Project Smart Ambassador, working with teachers and students to enhance learning through technology.

Some Projects by Omni’s Technology Education students:

Create Your Own E-book!

Project Description:  Students create their own e-book!
Working in small groups, students:
brainstorm an idea for a story, write a brief description
(one or two sentences) about their story, write and illustrate their story
(illustrations on paper or created in Flash),
sequence their illustrations in Flash,
add text in Flash, narrate their story and create a soundtrack
in GarageBand on Apple computers,
synchronize everything, burn to a CD and design a label.
Last step, post their ebook to the Internet.

Claymation Factory

Project Description:  Students work in small groups
to create Claymation using iStopMotion 2 Express.
Students brainstorm an initial idea,
then let the idea evolve as they handle and shape the clay.
Students work with a camera set up on a tripod.
The camera is connected to an Apple computer
through a FireWire.
Students model figures and objects in clay,
shoot a frame, then move the clay figures and objects
and shoot another frame.
Every ten frames that are shot make up
one second of the movie.
Students shoot a 60-second Claymation.
They then import it into iMovie on Apple computers
to create a title and credits.
Then then send it to GarageBand
where they make a soundtrack while
being able to view their movie.
Finally, students post these to
the School District’s Vodcast server
wehre they are shared through Edline
and through the iTunes store
as a free podcast.

Fall, 2009



Video Projects

Project Description:  Students create
various video projects.  First they brainstorm
an idea, then create a storyboard.  They shoot their video
using digital video cameras and edit in iMovie on Apple
computers.  Projects with soundtracks use GarageBand
for creating  the music.




Project Description:  Students create various  animations
using Macromedia Flash MX.  Lip sync projects involve
creating seven mouth positions, then synchronizing
the student’s recorded text with the appropriate
mouth position.

Flash Lip Sync:


Flash Animations

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