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Final Exam Study Guide – 4th Quarter

Final Exam Study Guide/Tracking Sheet

 (Due by the end of the period, Friday, May 29, 2015. Place a copy of the Flash file (the red icon) in the class period folder in the folder called “Submit Flash Final Exam”

(Step-by-step screencasts are in your Edline, in the “Links” section, and are also in your class folder, in a folder called “Incompetech.com Royalty-Free music”)


Project Description:  Design a three-scene movie with a title scene, main scene and credits.


______Hand in Team sheet (1 or 2 people on a team) with choice of what you are doing.  If you are doing your own movie, have it approved by the teacher first.  (10 points)


______Create a scene with at least two layers with content in each layer and frame by frame animation.  (25 points)

______Import sound effects from Sound.Bible.com and use in your movie.  (10 points)


_______Create a title scene with (25 points, see details below):


                ______Multiple layers (5 points)


              _______Frame by frame animation (5 points)


             ________A stop action at the end of the Title scene (5 points)


            _________A button that plays the rest of the movie when clicked. (10 points)


_______Create a movie clip that has simple animation and use somewhere in your movie. (10 points)


________Import music from Incompetech.com (royalty-free) and add it to your movie so that it plays in the background.  This is in our class folder in a folder called “Flash Project Resources”)

(10 points)

________(10 points)  Created an animated credits scene with:


________Created by (your name.  No last names)

_________Sound effects by: (write the name of the person who created the sound effects from soundbible.com)

          _________Music:  Kevin MacLeod



Final Exam Study Guide/Project Checklist


Team Sheet

Names of People on your team (you can work by yourself or with one partner)






Idea for your Flash animation movie:

(You can either complete the animation we are doing together in class, or pick your own idea, subject to approval by the teacher).


________Skateboard Project


________(Your own idea. Tell what your idea is, and hand this sheet in to the teacher)











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