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Final Exam Project: Progress/Tracking Sheet – Flash animation

Final Exam Project:  Progress/Tracking Sheet – Flash animation

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Directions:  Use this tracking sheet as a guide to help you study, understand and use the Flash animation program we are working with.  Check off each line when you undertand and can use in your animation work with Flash.  Create an animation project that uses the elements shown in each teacher demonstration (multiple layers, frame by frame animation, motion tweening, scenes, symbols, drawing, etc.)  Turn in this sheet, along with your animation file for the final exam.



_____Follow teacher computer demonstrations, personalizing it, or brainstorm your own idea
           and include the tools/animation techniques used in the demonstration.

Drawing Tools:


            ____Straighten mode

             ____Smooth mode

            _____Ink mode






_____Stroke Color box

_____Fill Color box

Drawing Tools (continued)


_____Arrow Tool

_____Lasso Tool

_____Oval Tool

_____Rectangle Tool

_____Paint Bucket Tool

_____Color Mixer

_____Free Transform Tool

_____Line Tool

_____Subselection Tool (white arrow)

_____Eraser Tool

_____Ink bottle tool

_____Eye dropper tool

_____Zoom in, Zoom Out

_____Text tool





______Drawing Tools

______Properties box




______Frame by frame animation

______Insert Keyframe

______Keyboard shortcut for keyframe (F6)

______Create a graphic symbol

______Create motion tweening

Animation (continued)

______Motion Guide

______Delete frames

______Create movie clip

______Create additional animation inside movie clip

______Create button


______Insert scenes

______Use Edit Scene icon to go from one scene to another

______Use Scene Inspector to sequence scenes, name scenes

______Create multiple animation scenes

______Create a title scene with text tool, button, animation

______Create credits



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