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Design Process

First, we found the sprites, resized them, and gave them their code. Next, we picked a background, and edited it a bit. Then, we put key press code blocks to continue the story. Before we did any work with BYOB, we sketched out the scenes first. We also came up with our own idiom, instead of picking one from the sheet. We came up with “kill two birds with one stone” because we thought it would be cool and funny to make a program of it. We brainstormed the idea for the dialogue. This is the typical scenario in which this idiom is used the most.

Then we put are words in the sprites codes so that they talked. We made them say a scenario which in the sprites needs 2 things at one place. The character needed to get ingredients to make a sandwich. The other character said that he would go to the grocery store and buy both things. The problems that our group ran into were that the programming would not work. The green flag was not working in the beginning we had to use key press instead of the flag.

Our finished BYOB project is that people in the program need sandwich ingredients and the other character went to the grocery store and got both things at one time. We also needed to put the directions in the background so that people would know how to use it.

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