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Paper tower challenge
The paper tower challenge was a project that we had to stack the pieces of paper to the tallest point we could with it balancing. What I found the most challenging was to balance the paper and be able to stack them and still be able to balance them , also what I thought was challenging was we only got one piece of paper 12inches of tape and ourselves. My tower was “31” inches. Next time what I can do to make my tower better is create a better structure so it can balance with all the paper nicely stacked on top. I think I would also use smaller pieces of tape for the little things I did that did not need the thicker pieces. To conserve my paper I would make it into thinner strips so the height could continue to grow. My experience with my team was okay. Sometimes during the process I was the only one working, there was this one kid that was a bit shy and didn’t interact with us much and didn’t seem to work or care about what we were involved in. on top of that I think we worked pretty well. I think what we could of done better was make it more organized and be assigned a task each so we at the end could all put together what we each worked on separately. I learned about problem solving that if your idea doesn’t work don’t give up solve what the problem is and than you can improve the next model and do this until you get your model to be the perfect height. I think this would be a project I would like to do again.

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