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paper tower desing challenge by valentina o

Paper Tower

Yesterday, Alana and I made a paper tower. We made it with a 11 by 8.5 piece of paper and one foot long of tape. The challenge was to make a paper tower and see which of the groups made the highest; we only had certain materials and twenty minutes. At first I didn’t know what to do but Alana knew how to, her idea was to cut pieces of paper and then join them together like a triangle. So we first cut paper strips and then paste them with tape to make triangles. Then we join together all the triangles, after that we paste some paper stripes at the sides of the triangles to make it stand. We really found challenging to make the triangles stand. Our tower was 11.5 inches. Next time to make it higher I would not make triangles instead I would do cylinders, and I would use the tape better. It has really interesting to work in groups because it was easier, because sometimes it was good to have someone hold the triangle or cut the tape, it was really good to have someone help you when you need. I learned that is really good to work in groups and to use the materials good. It was really fun and a very interesting challenge.

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