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Marissa E paper tower

The Paper Tower challenge was an activity where the students at each table were given one piece of paper, 12 inches of tape, and scissors. The goal was to make a structure that could stand by itself and the highest tower was the winner. I found it challenging that the materials were limited because I think it would have been much easier if we had more paper. Also, my group was running out of tape. When my tower got really high, it was hard for it to stand. We tried to add more paper to make it taller but the structure could not hold anything more. My tower was 35 inches, and it was the tallest one in my class. I think that next time I could try different shapes, like a cylinder, to make it stronger. I used folded strips of paper and taped them on top of each other. In my opinion, my group did work well together. It would have been much harder to make the tower by myself. I think maybe if we had more people it could have been made faster. I learned to use the materials available wisely.

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