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Paper tower design challenge Quinn H. p-6

The paper towel design was challenging, I admit it. But it was also a bunch of fun. When I first heard that we were going to do it I thought that it might not be very fun but as we got the assignment and started planning it all worked out for the best. The paper towel challenge involved you and your group to use one piece of paper, tape, and scissors to create a tall design and you were not allowed to use the scissors in the construction of the tower. What my group and I did was we cut the piece of paper into small sections then rolled each section into a tube and taped it. Finally, we taped all the tubes together to make a line then taped the design to the table to make it stay better. The difficult things about this design is getting it to stay up, creating a design to make it tall, and facing the teammates. What we did to get it to stay up is we taped it to the table and added tape on the sides and places that needed more tape then others. Creating a design to make it tall was the most challenging part, it took my team and I a while to figure out what design we would do, how to do it and what design would help the most in that kind of situation. As it hit the 5 minute mark we finally made up our minds and decided to go with are guts and do the tube one. The last challenge was facing your teammates; one of our teammates kept pulling it off the table once we got it to stand resulting in the tape losing its stick and me losing my mind. But that’s why life has challenges because there is always a way out of them. Once I got a chance to look around, I realized how high other people got theirs to but I didn’t care, I was glad that I got to participate in the assignment. As it got to the end we got it to stay up while Mr. Goldstein measured it and it measured at 30 ½ in. tall. I was shocked, it didn’t look that tall but it was and I believed it. When we got done with the competition there were many people who got theirs to stand and stay pretty high and I was surprised because we had trouble getting it to stand at the height we were at alone.

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