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Shea’s Paper tower design challenge and voki p5

The objective of the Paper Tower Challenge was to build a tower using an 8.5×11 piece of copy paper, 12˝ of tape and a pair of scissors. You had 20 minutes to complete the task at hand. The thing that I found the most challenging was that the group has to agree upon an idea and you only had so much tape and you had tape all you pieces together but also save enough tape to tape the tower to the desktop. My group’s tower was 40 7/8˝ tall. If I were to repeat the challenge I would cut the piece of paper into either 4 or 5 pieces instead of 3 pieces and roll them into fatter cylinders because when the width of the cylinder is very skinny it is harder to balance and tape them but if they are fatter they will balance with more ease. Then when I have 4 or5 pieces I would tape the first cylinder to the table then start stacking and taping the cylinders together. I thought the experience of working with Brad and Chelsea went very well. We are all friends so it was easy to brainstorm ideas for the shape of the tower and then divide up the work between the 3 of us. We worked very well together and next time I don’t think we need to do anything differently. If anything at all I think we should have tried to brainstorm some more ideas. I learned many things about problem solving. For example I learned that some ideas aren’t going to work and you need to logically think out the plan before deciding on it. Also the more ideas you brainstorm the better your idea will become because using the bad and okay ideas you can take the good parts and combine them to come up with a great plan. In conclusion I enjoyed the Paper Tower project very much and I would happily do it again. I learned a lot about problem solving and how to plan things logically. I enjoyed getting to work with my group and also getting to try and build the tallest paper tower I could.

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