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sage a. paper tower challenge

Sage A

paper tower challenge

The paper tower challenge is a challenge to see who can make the largest tower out of only paper and tape. Mr. Goldstein gave us an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper, 12” of tape and scissors. The rules were that you couldn’t have the scissors attached to the structure, the tower had to be connected to the table and you only had 20 minutes.

            We found the time limit of time challenging. We also found the lack of materials challenging.  When our tower started to fall down we didn’t have a lot of time to fix it so it was leaning over when we measured it.

            Our tower ended up being 23 ½ inches tall. To make it taller we could of cut the tape long ways so we had to use. We could of also cut the paper differently.

            We worked well as a team because we both shared our ideas and then found a way to make the tower. We could of worked better by putting more ideas out there. We learned that sometimes working as a team is hard but its better to have 4 or 6 hands then only 2. We learned that trying to solve a problem might be harder than it looks or seems 

            The paper tower challenge was hard but we learned a lot. It was fun to work as a group but also difficult.

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  1. great job!!!!!!