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The Invisilator invention project by Manuel C. p5

The invisilator
At first we didn’t know what to do as an invention, but we finally came to the conclusion that we were going to do an invisibility cloak. It was a simple idea that no one in the class was doing. We made it $999.99 and named it the Invisilator. The poster is a man being scared by an invisible man.

We originally wanted to do a smart watch but then came to the decision that the cloak was better. For the thumbnail we wanted a scary yet invisible figure. We decided that we are going to do a man in the cloak scaring a normal man. We did a poster with the name, Invisilator at the top and right under we did $999.99 with the man in the cloak scaring the other man. We also did a small description on the side.
The script is about three kids that use the cloak to scare their friend. We used a real life situation to advertise the product. The shots we had were Rodrigo and I sitting at a table and Kyle comes up to us to show us the Invisilator. After that we all decide to use the Invisilator to prank Noah. The prank goes great until Noah hears us and steals the Invisilator and runs away with it, being invisible.
When we shot the video we didn’t have many problems except for the group laughing in the middle of shots and having to do it over again. But eventually we were able to do the shots seriously.
What I have learned from the project so far is that people in the group don’t always think the same but, we eventually come to an agreement.

The Invisilator
Rodrigo: Hey look what I bought.
Manuel: What?
Rodrigo: The Invisilator.
Manuel: What does it do?
Rodrigo: it makes you…….Invisible
Manuel: Cool how much did it cost?
Rodrigo: $999.99
Manuel: I wanna try
Both go invisible
Manuel: there are so many things we can do with this
Rodrigo: Like?
Manuel: Pulling pranks. What can’t we do with this?
Follow Noah and keep bothering him
Manuel: where did you get this anyway?
Rodrigo: Invisilator.com
Manuel: Can you get it at a store?
Rodrigo: No
Noah steals the cloak and runs away being invisible
Noah: I’m invisible now
Rodrigo: that didn’t work out very well
Manuel: No it didn’t
Kyle does sales pitch


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