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The Invisilator invention project by Kyle F. p5

The Invisilator
Rodrigo: Hey look what I bought.
Manuel: What?
Rodrigo: The Invisilator.
Manuel: What does it do?
Rodrigo: it makes you…….Invisible
Manuel: Cool how much did it cost?
Rodrigo: $999.99
Manuel: I wanna try
Both go invisible
Manuel: there are so many things we can do with this
Rodrigo: Like?
Manuel: Pulling pranks. What can’t we do with this?
Follow Noah and keep bothering him
Manuel: where did you get this anyway?
Rodrigo: Invisilator.com
Manuel: Can you get it at a store?
Rodrigo: No
Noah steals the cloak and runs away being invisible
Noah: I’m invisible now
Rodrigo: that didn’t work out very well
Manuel: No it didn’t
Kyle does sales pitch

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