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T-Bolt invention Bruno F and Jack E period 2

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Invention Essay
By Bruno F
Me and Jack .E worked as a team to create an idea by looking for objects in the room to see if it’s eligible. We both had a hard time agreeing on one thing, when we finally agreed on something. We both agreed on the idea of making my watch a teleporting device that teleports objects from your house to your current location. We first started off by making sketches of how the watch would look and how it works. Then we decided to just leave it the way it was. So then, we started on the poster. It took really long to finish it due to our disagreeing. We were the last ones to finish it. When we finally finished the poster, we were thinking of ideas for the video we were going shoot.

Our invention was the “T-Bolt”. The T-Bolt is a watch that can teleport any object from your house to your current location. How, you ask? Well first you would have to scan the object by pressing and holding the “T” button on the watch. When you do that, a beam should come out of the watch. When the beam comes out, you have to scan the objects you want. The T-Bolt has no limit! You can scan endless object to your watch. Then, when you need the object, you simply press the “T” Button and type in what you need. After you type it in, the object will come out of the other side. It’s that easy!

Jack and I came up with the idea by first brainstorming for any eligible objects around the room. When we finally decided to use my watch, we started making thumbnail sketches for our poster. We drew out examples of what we would draw in our poster. When we finished, with our ideas, we started on our poster. We first started of by drawing the title of our invention on our poster. Me and jack decided that our strategy was “I draw, and he colors.” So I drew the watch and he colored it. When we finished the watch, we started writing a description of the T-Bolt that tells what it does, why you should buy it, and how much it costs.

Next, Jack and I wrote a script for our video that we were going to shoot. Our script was about our characters speaking of the T-Bolt and the problem one of the characters was facing, which was forgetting his wallet. After we finished the script, we started on the storyboard. The storyboard was going to be what was happening in our video. When we shot the video, we faced a lot of problems, like saying our parts wrong. What we did differently was practice a little them shot the video.

What we learned was how to do so many things on the computer, like how to edit the video in Windows Moviemaker. We also had a lot of fun.

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