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Micro-Zap Invention Project by Sepand Z. Period 5

My name is sepand z. and I created the micro zap with my group. The group was Brandon, Corey, Bryan, Carlos and I. we were all brainstorming while thinking about the invention, and then Bryan thought about the micro zap.

        The micro zap is basically a box that has a huge zap button on side of the box. It’s all black and the zap button is purple. We painted it very good and choice the best colors possible.

 It works by writing what you want on a piece of paper what you want to eat, then you open the micro zap and place the piece of paper in the micro zap, you then press zap and whatever you wrote on the piece of paper would appear right before your eyes.

        The difficulties of the project was waiting for the paint to dry and videotaping the project. While videotaping the project we had to retake shots over and over again till we finally got the right shot.

        The poster we made was very nice it was very colorful it had a picture of a hamburger that I made. It was like a McDonald’s big mac but better. I think it would taste good if it was real.

        The micro zap was successful and the project was fine till we left it outside and some kids broke it. But overall we enjoyed working with everyone and had fun.

Joe: Ugh, I’m so hungry. I wish there was a way to get food super quickly.

Salesman: Well look no further! Introducing the Micro-Zap! The micro-zap is a fast way to get your food. Here is how it works. You write what you want on a piece of paper and stick it into the micro-zap. Then, click the ZAP button and its there!

Dwyane: I got my micro-zap and I love it!

Albert: Oh me too! It is amazing!

Joe: Well where can I get one?

Salesman: I happen to have one with me now. Here you go. *gives Joe the micro-zap*

*Shows how Microzap is used*

Joe: Whoa thanks!

Dwyane: The MircroZap is only 9,875 dollars!

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