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Insta Abs Invention Project By Michael J P.4

Invention Essay
Our invention is insta-abs.
We created it because its hard and takes a while to get a six-pack.
Its wasn’t that hard to think of were lazy and we wanted six packs.
The thumbnail was easy we drew a seringe and a stick figure.
Someone would buy it because who doesn’t want a six-pack. The cost is $600.
Our script was about a ripped guy who has a pale friend who wants a 6-pack. So the ripped guy brings him to a doctor who gives him a shot that gives him a 6-pack. He needed a 6-pack so he could go to the tool convention with his swole friend.
Our sketches were the before where he is flat chested. Then it shows during the surgery with the injection. Then it shoes the end results with his brand new 6-pack set of abs.
The problem we had with our video was we kept repeating words or scenes or messing up a high five or something stupid. We also had some mix-ups with our lines. What we would do next time is make sure we don’t repeat any lines or scenes and make sure we remember our lines perfectly. To solve the problems we just kept trying until we got it right.
What we learned from the project is some lazy people use surgery to get what other people achieve by hard work and determinations with a shot and money. Money makes the world go round.

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