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Morphy invention project By Mahmoud H. Shelby B. David B.

David B.

Period- 6

Morphy Essay

          My invention is Morphy. Morphy is a shape shifting gum that makes you grow. We have had a great experience making an invention with my group. We have ran into many problems with our group, but we have been able to work then out and make a great invention with a wonderful video and other requirements that were needed for this project. We encountered problems about the size of our group not being large enough for our video, but Shelby was glad and happy to assist us in our group and has been a great addition to our group. She helped with the planning of the video, finding props, and setting up the props in the video location while I shot the video and Mahmoud, Brooklyn, and Josias were the characters in our video. Shelby has been helping with the additional things needed for the blog page, such as, reports and other writing, since she is the best writer in our group, paint, and helping with the video editing. Anyway we have Josias and Brooklyn in our video, they are not actually in our group. Our group is made up of, Mahmoud, Shelby, and me, we have all been trying to help out on what we think we do best in technology and can help the group get the best grade on using our best abilities. I am very sorry my essay is late. I was helping the rest of my group with our project, editing the video, and helping Shelby learn about the different programs since she was not in our class for the 3rd 9 weeks. I hope I can still get the grade I deserve on this essay and I won’t turn in any more late work. I will try my hardest in the rest of your class, and I will listen to you and your input on our group’s project and blog page. Aside all the problems the experience and the knowledge and friendships I have made will stick with me forever and thank you for all your help this year. I should have respected you for your knowledge, input, and your desire to help educate children about the technology we will be using in our life time. You are truly an amazing teacher and educator. Thank you for educating me on the technology I will use tomorrow and throughout my life time. I have learned in your class about technology, respect, how to be a good friend, and how to respect people of all age groups and be considerate. Thank you for being so harsh on me this year and inspiring me to do better,  pushing me to do better and making me want to do better for myself and help others around me. I hope I have you again next year. I will always remember you for what I have walked away knowing in your class and you for everything you have taught me, and I have learned from your great wisdom and your knowledge I have learned from you. 

Shelby B-S
David B
Mahmoud H
Patent for Morphy


Morphy is not an average piece of chewing gum. When you chew it, it will make you taller to ride amusement park rides, be as tall as your girlfriend, and fit in with everybody else’s height. You can get Morphy in Key Lime Pie, different types of mint, such as, sweet mint, winter mint, and mint chocolate chip. The Morphy exclusive flavor is, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.


The Morphy will make you grow to ride rides, be as tall as your girlfriend, and as tall as other kids at your school, so you will fit in at school. It is also the only gum made in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.



Morphy was invented to make you taller for rides, kissing your girlfriend, and so you fit in at school, and don’t get picked on because if your height.


Morphy was created to make people who are “fun sized” able to ride amusement park rides, make guys as tall as their girlfriends, and kids as tall as the average height at their school, so they don’t get picked on. Anyway, I am taller than the other two people in my group. They can now be as tall as their girlfriends, be able to ride amusement park rides, and be the average height at Omni Middle School.


After you chew Morphy for 5 minutes the active ingredient kicks in and you start growing. If you don’t want to be any taller, you should not chew any amount of Morphy.


The picture for our patent application is of a package of Morphy (fig. 1) and a piece of what Morphy looks like (fig. 2). Also, we have included a chart with prices and flavor options, (fig. 3.)


The only thing you can compare Morphy to is winning the lottery. That is the only thing nearly as cool as Morphy Chewing Gum. The most impotant thing to remember about Morphy is that you won’t start growing for about 5 minutes after chewing begans. The creators of Morphy suggest that you chew Morphy in private so you don’t just start getting considerably taller. The few known side effects are dizziness, fire feeling, chest burning, and possibly death. The Morphy colors are purple, green, and yellow. Health facts and other information are on the package of Morphy and at www.morphyaddicts.com. You can purchase Morphy at the local supermarket, vending machine, gas station, ect.

Script for Morphy commercial

Camera Man (David B)

Short Kid (before Morphy)

Morphed kid (Brooke)

Guy at the stand (Josias)

Amusement Park Ride Entrance

Narrator: Has this ever happened?
Mahmoud: (tries to go on the ride)
Josias: (Puts arm in front of mahmoud) What do you think you are doing?
Mahmoud: Going on the ride.
Josias: Sorry but you must be this tall.
Mahmoud: Awe (walks away then takes out a piece of Morphy and eats it.)
Ow ow It’s really painful (runs left to and back a few times) (switch characters to Shelby)
Brooke: (looks at hand in amazement) This stuff really works!
Walks to the stand again and tries to enter
Josias: (moves aside) you may go
Brooke: Idiot
Gets on ride and goes and then comes off as original child
Narrator: That’s why you should get the Morphy when times in need Morphy is there for you.

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