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Messi 10’s Invention project. By: Sam P., Adam G., Yiorgos T., Luis B.

Messi 10’s

Our team invention is called Messi 10s. The Messi 10s are soccer cleats, not just any soccer cleats, cleats that make you play like Messi (Messi is currently the best soccer player in the world. We made the price 410 dollars because they make you play soccer really good.

In the beginning we didn’t know what to do but then since we are all soccer players we decided to do something about soccer. When we came up with the color, design, and brand of the Messi 10s we had to think how we were going to make the poster. It started with a rough draft on a small piece of paper. It had MESSI 10S on the top, the price, the shoes in the middle, a kid playing soccer wearing the cleats, and a sentence saying “makes you play like Messi”.

When we finished the poster we had to make an electronic version of our poster. It was hard to draw the cleat with the mouse, but we did it. All of it was the same.

After that everybody had to make a video showing your product doing what it does, but before that you had to make a script. The script for us was easy because we already knew what we were going to do. The hard part was to do all of the tricks we planned. Our video was good and our teacher liked it.

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