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The Weather Machine Invention Project by Lindsay L. and Kiersten M.



    Invention Project Quiz by Lindsay L. and Kiersten M.

Group projects mean that you have to work with one or more people. Sometimes it is difficult to work together because each person has a different idea on what will work the best. In the end, a choice had to be made. We decided to go with the Weather Machine.

The Weather Machine is an electronic machine that can change the weather pattern within a 50-mile radius. By pressing the button for sun, shade, snow, or rain, you can make that weather happen. Once you select your weather pattern, just press GO and be amazed.

I came up with the idea for the Weather Machine because it was raining outside, and had been raining for 5 days. I just finally wanted it to stop raining. With the Weather Machine, that became possible.

First, we had to brainstorm for ideas. I had the idea to do the Weather Machine, but not all of the ideas were mine. Also some other ideas that we came up with were a flying shoe, and invisible bracelet, a food phone, and the find-it glasses.

Next we had to create a poster. We decided that we would put all of the information in bubbles with different colors. Also, we made it so that the Weather Machine was in the middle and all of the info bubbles would be around the Weather Machine.

After that, we had to write a script for our storyboard. This was on the computer and took lots of time to develop. Once we had finished it, we posted it on the internet, and continued with the next step.

Finally we shot the video. It took 2 days to make, with a lot of mess-ups but eventually we had finished it and had finished the project. This was very pleasing because we had worked so long on it.

In conclusion, from this project I have learned that no idea is a bad idea. Also I have had teamwork with other people. This has been a very great project.







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