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Invention Essay- By Emma P Pd.4

Technology Essay
Emma P.

Our invention for the project is The Hunger Game. The Hunger Game is a pin that you fasten to your shirt, which in turn transports you into an arena where you can participate in The Hunger Games. We thought of our project because at the time we were all reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I thought of the idea for thumbnail sketch because I drew the best Mocking Jay pin. We designed the poster by thinking of colors that have something to do with combat and nature such as greens, browns, reds, and blues. We thought of the name based on the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy, The Hunger Games. We then took the name and changed into something we could use for our invention. Someone should buy this product if they love characters, the plot, and just The Hunger Games in general. In our game you can play as basically any of the most popular and desirable characters. The product costs $1000.99.

Our script was about showing off the product, how to use it, and why somebody should pay such a price for the product. In our script we included battle sequences, why you should buy the product, and what the product was made for. In our script there is a scene when we take off in the game and pick our characters. Brody picked Peeta and I picked Katniss. When we took off we immediately started “fighting”.

The shots we came up with for our story board were medium shots, close- up shots, a pan shot, and a zoom shot. We used the medium shot when Brody and I were talking about who we wanted to play as in the game. We used the close- up shot when we recorded Cerena explaining the product and attempting to sell it. We used the pan shot when Brody and I started the hunger games and ran to get away from each other or to start “fighting”. We used a zoom shot while shooting Brody before the games and Cerena selling the product.

The problems we encountered while shooting our commercial were the limited options for settings, the time frames, and that we hadn’t memorized our lines. We decided to use the P.E. field for our setting because that’s what we thought looked most like the setting in the actual movie and book. We encountered time problems because we had to wait for the P.E. kids to come and leave the fields so they wouldn’t be in our shit for the P.E. kids to come and leave the fields so they wouldn’t be in our shot but we managed because we had 2- days time to shoot the whole commercial. Some of the shots for when we were talking look bad in some places because we hadn’t memorized out lines but in the end, we made the scenes look pretty good.

What I have learned from the project so far is how to film a commercial and edit one. I have also learned that coming up with an invention and way to sell it, is not as easy as it looks.

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