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Claymation Project Discussion by Jake B., period 6

My Claymation is about the world cup finals. Also known as soccer tournament in America. We made up this idea by ruining our first Claymation project idea. So my partner Berk wanted to do soccer. I agreed and my other partner, Jon agreed to. So we figured this out by Berk making this idea. We made things up as we worked.
We got our ideas by just doing what ever we want to do. Our Claymation designer, Berk just did all the moving clay to all himself, and he did whatever he wanted to do. We triggered this idea by that. We worked together well as a team. We helped out by adjusting the camera and making the music and etc. The benefits were the amount of time we had. We encounter some hand parts because Jon was not paying attention. It was hard. We worked this problem out by doing nothing. We just said, “Do your job.” I enjoyed the most is editing the music and credits. There were easy to use. We had so much fun, including me.
The challenges were nothing. It was just easy and simple. There was a little struggle in the end because of deleting the pictures. Everything went well. It was so fun. I enjoyed it. If we had the chance to go back and fix something, it would be making the video longer and more editing. My project was so much fun, and I had a blast with my partners Jon, and Berk.

World Cup Finals

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